Welcome to the world of the future, where humans and Cyborgs share a sometimes shaky Alliance. I started this series a long time ago as a single title , Her Cyborg Lover. The publisher who originally bought it has since closed it’s doors , leaving my Cyborg with nowhere to call home. When I decided to pitch it to another publisher (Changeling Press of course!) I expanded on the idea and pitched an entire series based on the original book. I have to admit, I am really enjoying writing this series and I really don’t have a set number of stories that I’ll tell. As long as there are Cyborgs needing to find their bondmates, there will be more stories. As an amusing sidenote, a strange little creature called a Battle Rat has started to show up in some of the books. Battle Rats are mysterious fuzzy little things that look like harmless cuddly pets, but are more than capable to defending themselves and any humans or Cyborgs that they’ve decided to adopt.

Check out the series so far  right HERE

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