Welcome Romance Readers!  I’m so excited to blog and I’m looking forward to a fun day of discussing my books.  Here are some exciting (humor me) tidbits: I’m a housewife, nurse, and mother to a bunch of kids and two dogs.  I live in the Northeast part of the United States and happily count myself as one of the people who love the snow.  When I’m not writing I enjoy baking cupcakes, cookies, painting ceramics, and working out on my treadmill and lifting weights.  I guess if I didn’t bake cupcakes and cookies I wouldn’t need to work out on the treadmill, am I right? I love, love, love watching HGTV’s Cupcake Wars and all of their holiday baking competitions.  I also enjoy anything that makes me laugh, like lunch with my friends, watching a good movie, or reading a funny book.  I used to love Erma Bombeck’s books and I’ve read all of them twice.

I’ve always enjoyed the art of story telling, which is why I started writing.  My father and uncle were the best story tellers I’ve ever known.  I can remember as a child every picnic and holiday we’d sit around listening to their jokes and funny stories from their younger years.  One involved my father working for the state on a road construction crew and having a field mouse scurry up his pant leg. Right there, in front of his fellow workers and passing cars, he danced around grabbing his leg until he finally stripped his pants off! (My uncle was working beside him and instead of helping him, he stood there laughing. Typical brother.)  Those childhood days planted the seed for writing, influencing my life more than anyone realized at the time.  When I was in third grade I had my very first challenge at writing a story.  It was an assignment where we had to write a story from the perspective of a baby chicken inside the egg before hatching.  Somehow it survived all these years and whenever I read it I have to laugh (~not because the story is so humorous, but because it’s so corny).  But hey, we all have to start somewhere I guess.

My favorite genre is romance, both contemporary and historical.  In my early writing years I won the Central New York Romance Writers contest for the “First Kiss” scene.  I was thrilled and honored to win first place, but the biggest perk was the feedback I received from these published judges.  They all “knew” I would be published one day, and went on to give me advice on the art of writing.  One even said if I wasn’t published some day, she wanted to know why.  Well…here I am, years later, and I don’t have to explain the “why” any longer.   The feedback I got from those judges now comes from my readers.  I love to hear your thoughts on my books and always welcome conversation.

Below are my two books with a brief synopsis.

Autumn’s Promise

Cassie O’Dell loves her job as a kindergarten teacher, but desperately wants a big family of her own. Her search for the perfect partner hits a complication when her new assignment as the substitute 4H teacher brings her to Will McDavitt’s farm. The big, broad farmer with the sexy Irish brogue gets her pulse racing, but does the widower and single father have enough room in his heavy heart for Cassie and her dream? Between caring for his young son and struggling to hold onto the failing family farm, the sweet, gorgeous 4H teacher is the last thing Will McDavitt has time for, but a farm is no place for a city girl from Maine, especially a farm facing the threats of a powerful oil baron who will stop at nothing to acquire the family land. How can Will protect the teacher and his family when the more he loves the more he stands to lose?

A Warrior’s Woman

ER nurse Lauren Carson is sick of men and wants nothing more than to return to her regularly scheduled life of junk food, television, sleep, and work. Sergeant Anthony Miles is used to life-threatening situations. But the latest threat to his life isn’t a unit of enemy soldiers. No, she’s far more dangerous. Can Lauren and Anthony get beyond the scars of their pasts to create a new future together?

I am currently working on my third book, which is the second story in the McDavitt Clan series.  If you’ve read Autumn’s Promise you know how darling Will and Mike McDavitt are and you’ll be quite happy to find that Mike will find his true love in this next book.  The McDavitt men are rugged, intelligent, handsome Irishmen with whiskey-sweet lilts that could melt snow in January, but they’re no match for the women who love them.


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