Is just about ready to start. I hope you are all ready to join us for a great day witi lots of neat books for our younger family members and friends to get them firmly into the book lover camp! We don't want the next generation to be non-readers!! Once they try some of these fab tales they will be hooked I am sure.

While I am thinking of it let me make a pitch for the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition's (EPIC) ( great contest for young authors. You can find the scoop at There are divisions for middle school/junior high and high school groups in poetry, short story and essay categories. EPIC members, all published authors or publishing professionals, judge this and there **are** nifty prizes awarded. If you know an aspiring young writer check it out! This year's contest deadline is past but get ready for the next one! You can also download ebook versions of the prior years' winners to see what great stuff is being produced!

Speaking of prizes, we will give away some fine YA books today and the usual gift certificates–a few $5 ones thru the day for instant winners and the main $25 one PLUS a special gift of a 2nd anniversary lap/nap robe mini quilt in a coffee theme that the lucky winner will love! Just right to snuggle in and read as the days get cooler now that summer is winding down. I'll try to get a picture of it posted in a minute.

Anyway I hope you are having a great Labor Day whether it is a block party barbeque, a final trip to the beach or a quiet day at home. MIne will be the latter except for sharing the fun here today! So without further ado, let's rock 'n roll!!

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