Hi, I’m Paullina Simons, author of The Tiger Catcher, published just a few days ago. The Tiger Catcheris the first book in the End of Forever saga of Julian and Josephine and their travails, dramas, and struggles as they keep finding and losing each other. I’m going to be with you all day, guest blogging on Coffee Time Romance. I’m going to tell you about why I wrote The Tiger Catcherand what it was like to write The Tiger Catcher. I’m going to tell you about Julian and Josephine, and why his heroic efforts on behalf of the woman he loves mean so much to me, and why she remains a mystery to him and to us until the end.

But first I want to tell you a little bit about me as a kid. I was born and raised in the Soviet Union, where all I did was read. Before I ever knew if I could even write, I wanted to bea writer, because the way reading books made me feel, nothing in the world made me feel. My only real life was the life I lived in the stories I read. I grew up on the adventures of D’Artagnan and his three best friends in Alexandre Dumas’s stories and on Dick Sand, the 15-year-old captain in Jules Verne’s story. I grew up on Oliver Twist and David Copperfield, and Robinson Crusoe and Gulliver and Jean Valjean and the Count of Monte Cristo. I don’t think I read a book with a female protagonist until Jane Eyre, and by that time my family and I were already out of Russia and living in Rome waiting for permission to enter the United States. I loved the adventure, the quest for love, the friendship, the danger, the survival, the humor of the stories that formed my identity when I was a child. Through the heroes in those books, I was transported to Paris and London and Africa and the American west. All I wanted was to write something to make someone else feel the way I felt when I read those stories.

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