This is my first series with a publisher. I wanted to go with them for several reasons, the first being they publish on a variety of eBook retail sites. I hoped I could get readers who primarily purchase through other sites to visit my Amazon self-published books. They’re all enrolled in KU and I didn’t want to pull them for more exposure. Second, a chance to write within a specific genre and word limit. It was a challenge! Also working with a different editor would help me learn more, like having different professors in college. These books are also written in the first-person perspective, something I’d never attempted.

Born for You by M.D. Stewart

Josiah Turner was born in 1848 and grew up on his family’s small plantation. When he was fifteen, like other young boys at the time, he joined the Confederate Army to fight in the war. At sixteen he was shot and the musket ball lodged in his right femur. Taken to a Prison of War Camp, he begged the doctor to not amputate his leg so he could help his parents after the war ended. He barely made it home alive and with his war injury suffered bouts of infection and life-long pain. He lost his family to smallpox and the land to carpetbaggers. Refusing to leave the land he called home, he built a shack and stayed on the edge of the property until he was murdered in 1901 by three men looking for hidden family jewels. He was too bitter to move on to his eternal reward, so stayed haunting the land. Angry, lost and trapped by his death, he feels drawn to a young boy who stops by to visit the land where Josiah was murdered.

Matson Ashby was raised by his parents and grandmother in her huge three-story plantation-style home. He was a popular athletic kid, growing up to be the captain of his football team and outstanding in track and field. A history buff, he’s become obsessed with a man who was rumored to have been murdered on his grandmother’s land. He frequently visited the area where Josiah was killed so long ago. Living in the deep south, Matson stays firmly in the closet while at home, but in college, he explores his deepest desires. After accidentally outing himself one night, he feels the wrath of the tiny little town of Prenter’s Bottom, North Carolina. When his grandmother dies, leaving him her house and land, he has to decide if he wants to sell the land that’s been in his family for generations, or stay where he’s not welcome. All the while he fantasizes about the mysterious Josiah Turner, never realizing Josiah wants him with just as much passion. Can these two men find their way to each other? If they do, will they be able to live together in peace in a town that fears the type of love they share? This book is ON SALE RIGHT NOW FOR .99 on all eBook sites.

As I said before, I can’t seem to write a “bad guy” that stays bad. And that goes for the homophobic Barclay from Born for You. I didn’t realize it until I started the epilogue, that he has so much more to offer than being an asshole bank president.

Born an Empty Soul by M.D. Stewart

Barclay Thompson a stoic bank president, was raised by emotionally distant, religious parents who taught him being gay was a choice and it was a one-way ticket to hell. He never questioned it, the entire town felt the same way, but he’s fascinated when he spies two men making love. He can’t stop thinking about them and how it would feel, but he loves his wife of ten years and knows she’s all he needs to be satisfied. Then they meet the rock star, Killian McCarthy, lead singer of Empty Soul, their favorite band. He makes them an offer, a night of passion with him, and Barclay is more than tempted to live out his fantasy.

Laura Roux-Thompson knew the moment she saw Barclay, she would marry him. Her family nurtured him and gave him the love his parents withheld and Barclay showered her with love and affection. Feeling safe and secure in their marriage, they love to experiment; bondage, public sex, whatever they can dream up. When the opportunity arises to have a threesome with sexy rock singer, Killian McCarthy, Laura jumps at the chance. But something changes between them, and Laura realizes her heart is owned by both men.

Killian McCarthy is a century old, using his supernatural powers to live off the pain of those who surround him. Being in a rock band allows him to travel the world and take sips of energy from a multitude of people, keeping him alive. When he meets the Thompsons at a small venue concert, he knows the couple belongs to him as his mates. But Barclay fears the backlash of his town’s residents and backs away from their bond, creating a hole in Killian ‘s aura. Bleeding energy faster than he can replace it, Killian will die if Laura can’t convince Barclay to go against his beliefs and give their new relationship a chance.

This book has my favorite romantic subjects. A psychic vampire, a gentle soul who only wants to find his other half (or in this case halves) and live a normal life. And redeeming Barclay by having him understand the one thing that frightens him; loving another man, was so much fun. They, like Mat and Josiah, will be making cameos in the following books. Some more than others, of course.

As I said before, I love shifters! But Cam is a little different because he and his brothers are identical triplets and in their hellhound form they can join to become the mythical three-headed Cerberus. They serve the Queen of the Supernatural, Hecate. 

Born a Changeling
by M.D. Stewart

Ben Travers, a wealthy lawyer, and a widow is called to Prenter’s Bottom, North Carolina to help investigate Edwina Anderson. He brings his precocious and slightly spoiled little girl with him. At the Cross Roads Bed and Breakfast, Seda finds a large stray cat and begs to keep, her or…uh, him. Unable to say no to his daughter, he agrees to take the cat back home with them to Charlotte. But the cat, his daughter named Princess, is more than he appears. He can change into a sexy man who helps to heal Ben’s broken heart.

Cam is a hellhound shifter, bored out of his doggie skull during Hecate’s Supernaturals Ball. He leaves the castle and catches the most wonderful scent in the air. Chasing the aroma, he follows it through a portal into the Earth Plane and straight into trouble. Changing quickly from his fearsome hellhound shape to a cat, he’s “rescued” by a curly-haired, chubby-cheeked, little girl with a dimple in her chin for god sakes! Once he gets a whiff of her father he knows the human male is his mate. Alone in their home, he’s trapped with Ben when his mate’s scent forces him to return to his human form. After a rather bumpy beginning, Ben accepts Cam’s nature but is frightened when something evil comes after his daughter.

The men set out to protect young Seda, but the plot is deeper than they realize, and Cam could die trying to save Ben’s daughter. Ben is put in an agonizing situation. To save one, he might have to lose the other. Can he lose another man he loves to death to save his daughter?

Drag Queens. Aren’t they amazing? I love them, and I’m friends with a few Queens. No one is more talented with hair, makeup and entertaining! When I was writing this book, I knew one of my characters was a drag queen so I needed a place for her to work. I researched gay bars in the Charlotte area and found one that does Drag Shows. After contacting them, they allowed me to use the name of their bar in my book! So the characters are purely my imagination, but Chasers is a real bar in Charlotte, North Carolina!

Born a Halfling by M.D. Stewart

Michael Reed is a war veteran with the injuries and medals to prove it. Raised by a hypocrite preacher who beat him for being gay, Michael joins the Marines and is sent to Afghanistan. Even in combat, he still shares his dreams with a beautiful boy named Te”Garth. They shared dreams since early childhood and fallen in love along the way, but an attack on Micheal’s base leaves him wounded and suffering from PTSD. Between the medication and the therapy, he’s convinced his dream lover isn’t real. While healing and before discharge, Micheal meets an Air Force guard and the two become lovers, helping Michael accept himself. He comes back to the states, moves to San Francisco and discovers Drag, a profession that helps him love his entire self.

Te’Garth a young half-demon, half-angel, lives on the fringes of society in the Cross Roads. He had nothing to offer the young Michael, but still mourns the fact he’s disappeared. He knows he’s still living since his soul hasn’t wandered into the Cross Roads, so he tries to move on as well. But a deal between a human and some demons falls through, and Garth is picked as a replacement mate and forced to accept a Claiming bite. A bite that means certain death if he can’t escape and reverse the effects. He makes his way to a Drag Queen he saw and was fascinated by, only to find the Queen is his true love, Michael.

Jessie DeSalvo is a retired Air Force Security Forces member, who is tired of hiding his sexual orientation. He’s gay and wants to finally live out and proud! But his military training is in law enforcement, and he’s not sure if he can find a job with the boys in blue and be comfortably out. He interviews and gets the job as head of security at a gay bar called Chasers and is thrilled that he doesn’t have to hide who he is or worry about his job. On his first night he discovers one of the performers, Ember Rose is his old lover, Michael Reed. Only Michael isn’t alone and Jessie wants him and his friend, Garth. Jessie falls head over heels with both men, but Garth is hiding a secret, one that is dangerous. Jessie has to decide if he’s willing to sacrifice his body and maybe his soul, to save him.

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