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Cover Reveal for The Lady and the Earl

  Step into the lavish world of the Regency era in England with The Lady and the Earl. Harriet Manning, a brilliant physician, is passionate about helping others and devotes herself to medicine, despite societal norms standing in her way. With her mother urging...

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Tinsel and Tea Cakes, by Jill Piscitello

Tinsel and Tea Cakes takes place during the holiday season but is not necessarily a holiday romance. Book blurb:   Hair stylist Scarlett Kerrigan lost her job and her apartment. To alleviate a touch of self-pity, she succumbs to her stepmom’s pressure to attend a...

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MFRW: Happy Mother’s Day Month!

Sending out Happy Mother’s Day wishes in advance to anyone who fills this very special role in someone’s life! If ever a mother deserved some extra love and attention, it would be Sarah, the struggling single mom and heroine of my first published book, The Sheriff’s...

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Start Of A Journey

Start Of A Journey

A few thoughts on my debut novel and the journey it began. Windmaster started off as a short story. But the characters refused to leave me alone. And I will admit the lure of magic called until a series of four novels came to life. Two of the inspirations behind...

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Only Tonight by Serena James Chase

Charlie Archer can’t believe her luck. By this time tomorrow, her overbearing boss will be miles away in London promoting their new client, the three-man rock band August Company, and wreaking havoc on her other personal assistant's life. But she really gets lucky...

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Start Of A Journey

Wraith (Dixie Reapers MC) is now in Audio!

Rin: My mom died when I was little, and my dad followed when I was 15. My half-brother, the nastiest human being I’ve ever met, convinced the state to grant him custody. More likely he bribed people. My life has been hell since then. Every time I try to run, he finds...

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