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Let’s Take a Book Break

I don't know if you're getting tired of reading about my books, so I thought I'd stop for a hot minute and talk more about my life. My parents are still happily married and created three children, making me the middle child and the only girl. My brothers are far...

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The Watchers by M.D. Stewart

Earth's inhabitants have found out about aliens, and in order to help introduce all three species, hidden facilities all over Earth will have equal numbers of Otronians, Beings, and Humans living together to learn from one another. We met Aoki back in the last series,...

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The 21st Century Heroine

When I first started to read romance novels, the heroines were young and beautiful, but that seemed to be the only requirement. Most of the heroines were teenagers so didn’t have careers, and they were often times the ward of a brooding, handsome guardian whom she...

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The Citadel

One of my favorite places to visit is Charleston. The downtown area is filled with history with many of our former leaders having lived in this beautiful city. Many of the homes are architectural masterpieces with unique designs and floor plans. The homes converted...

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Holding Out for a Hero

I’m a sucker for a hero, I'm always holding out for a hero, especially one I remember whenever I’m thinking about books that have appealed too me. The book appeals to me because the characters do. Does anybody remember Bonnie Tyler’s song Holding Out for a Hero? If...

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When Love Whispers

Hello, Everyone! At long last, my next book, When Love Whispers, Book 2 of the Beaumont Brides Series, is ready to be released. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book for many reasons. I fell in love with characters, and was sorry when I had to bid them goodbye. The...

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Love and Kiss

Hello, Everyone! About a year ago I read an interesting article about Pride and Prejudice and the words that are used in the novel. I wish I could remember who wrote the article. Though I’ve searched the internet, I’ve yet to find the proper search term that will lead...

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AUTHOR L.L. Brooks – Forged in Fire

My name is L.L. Brooks, best known for bestselling m/m erotic stories. Today, I’m introducing an m/f two part drama, suspense, hot, and, of course, romance though a bit out of the box. The story takes place in the desert where I live with my hubby and spoiled rotten furbaby. When I write about Annalisa’s hair being stiff from dried sweat, been there, done that, but wouldn’t trade my high desert for big city concrete sidewalks and asphalt roads.

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