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Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself . . . #DoseOfTruth

“Do you think we’ll see a real stagecoach, Peter?” Katie craned
her neck out the open buggy window. They had only pulled out
of Elizabethtown a few moments before, but already a foreign
emotion fluttered in her chest like a caged bird.
Peter flipped the reins. “I reckon so, at some point. Bandits are
holding up trains, not stages.” He glanced over at Katie. “Are you
alright? You look like you’re about to jump right out of here.”
Katie turned to face him, her hands knotted in her lap. “I can’t
rightly explain it, Peter. I’m so excited that I’m doing this—little
Katie Knepp on the adventure of a lifetime.” Her cheeks ached from
grinning. “But I’m so scared at the same time I don’t know whether to
look this way or that, fear this or fear that. The unknown is so—fearfully
exciting!” Heart pounding in her chest, she turned her attention
from Peter back to the buggy window. “Maybe we’ll even see a bandit.”
Peter chuckled. “You’re quite an elemental woman, Katie. It takes
the real things in life to keep you happy. Adventure, emotion. The
mundane everyday will never suit you, will it?

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Katie’s Plain Regret and Other Coffee Thoughts

Icy fingers of fear clawed at her stomach as the feeling that came
with the coyotes around her changed from strangely cheerful and
probing to strangely hungry—and her feeling hunted. Maybe I
should just start for home now and forget any thought of Texas. If I
walk quickly, I could even run, and I’ll leave the food for these animals…
Katie whirled on her heel, ignoring the yellow eyes that peered
at her from the lengthening shadows. A low growl rolled out of
the understory.

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The Cupán of Flúirse (The Celtic Myst Trilogy Book 1)

Now for an excerpt, but first a set up of the scene. Amergin is the trusted wizard of the de Danann’s, this scene is with his Liege and Lady. Maeve and Nuadha.


The breeze off the ocean felt cool on her cheeks, the smell something she would always associate with home. The strong kick made her smile. Maeve laid a hand over her protruding belly. Amergin was positive they would have a daughter and she seemed impatient to enter this world. The thought of holding her baby filled her with joy. The past three harvests had been filled with happiness, learning to be a wife, a horsewoman, and healer.

Amergin had turned into her trusted friend. No longer was he the mentor that taught her the ways of herbs and potions, but her confidant. She loved Nuadha’s mother, she was the mother she’d never had. However, a woman needed a sounding board at times when it came to her mate. And his mother was hardly the person to be impartial when it came to her son.

She and Nuadha had a beautiful union, unfortunately both she and her stubborn handsome fear céile were strong willed. There had been times the kitchen had been deemed off limits to them, for they tended to throw things in the heat of an argument.

Maeve grinned. The thoughts of their passionate loving after one of their arguments made her cheeks heat.

“And what has brought that wicked gleam to my Maeve’s eyes?”

Maeve placed a hand over her frantic heart, for such a big man Nuadha was soft of step. He placed a hand over hers that still lay on her belly.

“I guess sneaking up on your foe is a good skill when it comes to battle. But you must be careful or our child will make an appearance before she is ready.”

Nuadha smiled when their child kicked as if in agreement. He took a side step to bring him behind her so he could place his other around and rest his hand on top of his other.

“What has you out here gazing at the sea? Not wanting to get away after our disagreement last eve, are you?”

She laughed. “I cannot remember what brought about our argument. Let us not try to remember. I am simply enjoying the beautiful weather. Soon it will be harvest time and you will be in the fields until late. I will be in the kitchen helping to prepare the grains for the cellars.”

His hold tightened to the point she felt loved and protected. “You must not overdo. Have you trained one of the village women to help when your time comes?”

She glanced over her shoulder at him. “How many times have we had this conversation husband?”

He had the grace to look chagrined. “You have, I know.”

Quiet settled over them. Both gazed out over the waves lost in thought. Maeve wondered at his. She’d been unsettled of late. The peace of the land and their posterity over the last harvests had been one of abundance since the Cupán of Flúirse had been forged by the Goldsmith. The de Danann’s had much to be thankful for, but she couldn’t help but feel it was the calm before the storm.

“You’re thinking the same as I, my love.”

Maeve didn’t deny, but waited for him to continue. They’d often knew what the other thought or dreamed for.

“I wonder when Mourdra will strike. She craves the talisman.” She felt his chest expand as he drew in a breath or a sigh. “She wants us to be complacent and unsuspecting.”

“Aye, I agree.” She pulled his hands away so she could turn and step into him to loop her arms around his neck. “Which means we need to call the warrior council to plan. We must be ready. We have much to protect.”

This time it was his turn to agree. “Come, it is almost dinner time. I will call the warriors to the war room first thing on the morrow.”

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AUTHOR Cheryl Headford – Project X

My name is Cheryl Headford and I write both under ned how to write and I cut my teeth on the Gay Authors online community where it was once calculated I have written more than four million words. A hundred years ago-or thereabouts-I was fortunate enough to get a book published, and since then I have had many. I write m/m fiction in every genre from high fantasy to sci fi to Young Adult contemporary romance.

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His throaty whisper #VirtusSaga

This new edition of the first book in the saga is so much richer than the original version. The characters are more vivid and three-dimensional. The plot is more linear and direct. The story is more detailed and articulate. The sex scenes are more torrid and satisfying. All in all, this new book 1 of the Virtus Saga gives readers a better grasp of the series and it’s a highly recommended starting point for all those interested in dark fantasy romance.

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“Not to worry, Prince.” #VirtusSaga

When Prince Duncan Caldwell loses his way home and knocks on a stranger’s door, looking to find shelter, he doesn’t know his life is about to change forever. Not because he can’t tear his gaze away from the beautiful woman who opens that door, but more so because she’s a stranger yet he can’t shake the feeling she belongs to him. And discovering she’s been banned from his home can’t stop the vortex of his feelings nor the truth of his world from crashing down on him.

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