Rowan’s secret lies in her veins, but even she doesn’t know the depth of her power or what monsters it can attract.

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 Name: Lucy Smoke

Title: YoungBloods (writing with Carysa Locke)

Fairytale Inspiration: Little Red Riding Hood

What is your story about?

Young Rowan Ericson has no clue that her blood holds an ancient secret. While she’s been masquerading as a human for almost all of her life, the shadows of the magical community have been searching for her. A fabulously dark modern retelling of Red Riding Hood, Rowan Ericson began her journey 5 years ago and this is the prequel to her story.

The worst monsters are the ones that rip you from the inside out. Grief. Pain. Death. Loss. One car wreck changes the course of my life–leaving me with nothing but my Grams and whole lot of issues. But when I met Leo, Julius, and Simon, things were different. I was normal. I was happy. Even if our friendship was driving me crazy. Even if, every time I saw them, I wanted more, I felt like I was at least somewhat in control.

But I was dead. Wrong.

I have no control and I’ve learned that monsters aren’t just feelings anymore. My name is Rowan Ericson and not only are monsters real, but I think I might be one of them.


Lucy Smoke is a self proclaimed creative schizophrenic with an academic background in Professional Writing. With a severe case of wanderlust, Lucy enjoys traveling and spoiling the life out of her fur-baby, a short little puppy mutt named Hiro, aka Hiro the Hero.

Lucy is a writer of dark romance, new adult and young adult romance, and various other sub genres therein. She loves to experiment with her characters and shine a little light on things that catch her fancy.

Favorite Genre?

Contemporary romance

Favorite Fairytale? Rapunzel

Alice in Wonderland (or Peter Pan) to be fair, they’re more modern fairytales.

What fairytale character do you relate to the most?

Peter Pan because I never want to grow up.

Which animal do you relate to the most?

A penguin or a batuin (it’s a penguin-bat hybrid. A penguin body with bat wings and sonar capability.) I’m a complicated animal.

 Coffee or tea? Tea 

Paris or New York? Paris

Villain or Hero? Villain

Name of the first book you wrote?

First book written: The Kraven Craft. First book published: Daimon

Favorite character you’ve written?

Love from my Dark Contemporary Romance, Expressionate, because Love is who I was 3-4 years ago. Writing her story got me through some rough times.

Last three books you’ve read?

Tate James, The Royal Trials: Imposter; Jessica Sorensen, Cursed Hadley; Erin Watt, Broken Prince

Where can we find you?

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