Windmaster by Helen B. Henderson coverCharacters do not always appear on the cover and sometimes I like to allow the reader to visualize the person with just a few hints from me. I’d like to introduce you those whose adventures were chronicles in the Windmaster Novels. Here is Lady Ellspeth of the House of Cszabo, Captain of Sea Falcon.

She has long straight hair; bleached silver by sun from hours standing watch on ship’s deck; hair has red highlights which look like flashing ruby’s when she moves her head; silver hair is unusual for someone her age, and the highlights especially unique. Most people have either blond or brown hair except the inhabitants of the southern sea where they have midnight black hair

We first meet Ellspeth onboard her ship, Sea Falcon and her companion, the ship’s cat. If you’re familiar with my works, you know I tend to write strong women who care capable of fighting alongside their man. Ellspeth commands a ship which means defending it against all comers from within or without.

A strangling sense of horror woke Ellspeth from a deep sleep. The sea air carried the faint reek of freshly-spilled blood. Pale moonlight filtering through the shuttered window cast shadows around the small cabin. Nothing moved in the darkness beneath the narrow-legged desk or behind the wooden trunk that held the ship’s records. No visible danger lurked, yet the feeling of intense fear remained strong. As she fought to slow her rapid pulse, she listened for unusual sounds on the deck outside. The Sea Falcon had been her home, and she its captain, for the last three turns. She knew every inch of the bark from the tip of the ship’s five masts to the carved insignia on the bow. Despite the unease that ruined her rest, only the familiar creaks of the gently rocking wooden hull touched Ellspeth’s questing senses.

It was only a dream! At the remembered panic, she breathed deeply to rid herself of the effects of the nightmare. They keep getting more vivid, more real. Tomorrow we’ll be taking mage healers aboard. I wonder if the dreams and the healers are connected?

You’ll have to read Windmaster to find the answer to the question. Available in ebook and Paperback. One Click to eBook stores   /   Paperback at:  Amazon

Until later, Helen

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