Good morning and welcome. If we haven’t met, we are a sister writing team, K.M. Daughters, Pat Casiello and Kathie Clare. Our pen name is in memory of our parents, Katherine and Michael – the “K” and “M” in K.M. Daughters. We also name secondary characters in our stories after our parents, so they live on in our fictional worlds as well as in our hearts. We have published thirteen novels, are in the final stages of pre-publishing #14, and have just submitted our 15th novel to The Wild Rose Press for consideration. We are enjoying world building in Fantasy Romance, our latest genre.

After spending time together walking the beach on Outer Banks, North Carolina, we were entranced with the beauty surrounding Kathie’s home and the up-close encounters with seals, sea turtles, dolphins and the abundant marine life in the area. Legends and Indian folklore underpin the huge sand bar’s history and pirate strongholds offshore and along the coast further color the past. It’s said in folklore that once you visit OBX, you’re called back repeatedly.

We absolutely had to set a novel there – as it turns out, three novels, comprising our Sisters Of The Legend Trilogy. The first novel, BEWITCHING BREEZE, released from The Wild Rose Press in November. Thus, begins the Legend relating to identical triplets, born of the first born of identical triplets through generations. The triplets possess supernormal “gifts” to shapeshift and envision the present and future in each other’s lives. Fantasy Romance is a new genre for K.M. Daughters. And we love writing in the genre.

Kathie’s work as a naturalist for NEST (Network for Endangered Sea Turtles) and seal rescue, plays an important inspirational role for the stories. The Layton sisters in the novels have an intimate relationship with the marine creatures whose skins they literally can inhabit.

We’re thrilled that BEWITCHING BREEZE is the Winner of The Carolyn Readers Choice Award, Specialized Romance. We are honored to have received the Booksellers Best Award, International Digital Award and CTRR Award for our novels.

Last week we spent time together reading the final draft of ONLY ONE SUMMER, Book 2 in the series, making final edits and submitting to our dear Editor, Ally Robertson. We begin work on Book 3, SKYE WITHOUT LIMITS, right away.

We hope our treasured Readers love discovering our new fantastical world.



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