Like most of the world, I’m looking forward to ripping up the 2020 calendar and starting over.

As a writer, I live in more than one world. Sooo, the good news is I’m already living in 2021 with my imaginary friends several hours a day.

Step in and see what is going on in the world of Jodi Thomas in 2021. Unfortunately, I can’t show you a picture because my body is still in 2020, alone and eating the last of the Oreos.

In January, I’ll be working on a novella set in a dying Texas town close to Interstate 40. The one block downtown has turned quaint to frightening. Here’s what’s playing in my mind:


(My character, haven’t heard her name in my head yet) steps in the long dead quilting shop on a rainy night. She remembers visiting it when she was five and she’d danced across the floor until her great aunt yelled at her.

Now as rain taps out the rhythm she kicks off her shoes and begins to dance.

As thunder rolls, the door bangs open and a tall man carrying a rifle barges in like Hell riding across the storm.


I’ll be writing on this story as well as the fourth book in the Honey Creek series.

Stay tuned,


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