I don’t know if you’re getting tired of reading about my books, so I thought I’d stop for a hot minute and talk more about my life.

My parents are still happily married and created three children, making me the middle child and the only girl. My brothers are far enough apart in age so that they never were very close growing up – eight years makes a difference when one is a teenager and one is barely in elementary school. I wasn’t interested in toy cars or playing basketball as a little girl so I spent all my time in my room. I listened to my vinyl record albums on my huge stereo, wrote depressing poems (way before emo was a thing) or played around with script and lettering. My reading obsession started when I found my mom’s stash of Harlequin Romance books. My dad loved Star Trek so I’d sneak out of my room and watch reruns with him. One of the first movies we went to as a family was the first Star Trek movie where the “bad guy” was Vger, an old satellite from America (Voyager). Another movie we all went to see was E.T.

I love the crazy sci-fi television series and movies! I found the old television series Fringe just before they wrapped it, so I got to binge-watch the first few seasons. And don’t get me started on the show Quantum Leap! That was my show and it didn’t matter what was happening, I was going to watch that show! I was living on a Navy base in South Carolina when the series finale aired. I was sitting on the floor with my baby obsessively watching. I STILL get upset when I remember how it ended.  I personally feel it was the writers’ revenge for the show being canceled. Now I love all the movies that are comic book related; X-Men, Wonder Woman (okay, I kinda crush on Gal Gadot), Aquaman (I mean…Jason Momoa!) and the television show The Legends of Tomorrow is one of my favorites.

M.D. Stewart’s husband in the coal mine circa 1975

Now a little about my personal life. I’m a mom of two incredible boys. One lives in Kansas with his wife, dog, and cat, and the younger one just moved back to West Virginia with his wife and two cats, after a medical discharge from the Air Force. They lived in Montana for the entire length of his five-year enlistment. I have a stepdaughter and a stepson, each has two children so I’m a grandma. And I get along very well with my husband’s ex-wife. She’s like my older sister, and supported me through some tough times! I have a fat beagle named Lady and an old calico cat name Kit that my husband rescued when she was a tiny thing.

My amazing husband is a retired coal miner (another story for another time) and we spend any free time now canning or freezing our garden’s bounty. He also hunts turkey and deer. If he happens to get a deer, I’ve become proficient in skinning it and processing the meat. I’ve also excelled at wild game cooking! We have chickens, but only for the eggs. Even though my husband hunts, our chickens are like out pets, so killing them is something he’d never be able to do. I love, love, love to cook and bake. Autumn is my jam since I can make all sorts of goodies for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Since most of the garden/hunting stuff happens in the late summer and fall, my writing slows a bit, but I still try to get some words down. I also LOVE to read! Some of my very favorite authors are Diana Gabaldon, Laurann Dohner, Lucy Lennox, and Rosalind Able. At one point I had every Nora Roberts book printed, but I had to sell off my collections (about a thousand paperbacks) when I married my husband and moved in with him (no room!). I did keep my Outlander books though! I have so many more favorite authors (on my Kindle) but my coffee starved brain can’t think of another single name right now!

That’s another fact about me; I have Fibromyalgia. It causes me difficulty in writing when my brain fog kicks in and I can’t think of simple words. The fatigue sucks too, and I am one of the “lucky” ones with fibro related IBS. I still work hard and sometimes my editors will work harder than they wanted lol. But they do have lots of patience with me and have pulled me together when I was pretty scattered. I’ve read that Fibro is created when something medically traumatic happens to you when you’re young. When I was eleven months old, I had a fever so high I suffered febrile seizures. At one point I stopped breathing and my parents and maternal grandmother (an LPN who was doing CPR) rushed me to the hospital. When my dad handed me to the doctor, he told my dad he couldn’t help since I was dead. My dad told him he had to at least try. I spent most of my infant and toddler years in and out of the hospital with fevers and ear infections. I had so many high fevers they did EEGs on me to check for brain damage. My mom still cries when she talks about it and I’m fifty-one now. Whew, that was a downer, sort of. I’m still here though!

On that note, let me wrap this up…leave comments, let me know what your favorite genres of books, TV, and movies are. Tell me about your hobbies and your favorite authors. Give me some interesting tidbits about your life (that you’d feel comfortable sharing). I love making friends and I hope you’d feel comfortable enough to email me at mdstewartauthor@gmail.com or come visit my Facebook Author Page, https://www.facebook.com/MDStewartAuthor/ (I’d have a Fan Page, but I don’t know if I have enough of a following yet). I will be getting a newsletter and website soon, they’re being constructed now!

I hope you’re having a wonderful day today! ~ M.D. (aka, Mindi)

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