King in Chains

King in Chains, the second book in the paranormal romance series, Into the Dark Woods, features the vampire trio Cassandra Monteclaire, Killian Monteclaire, and Alastair St. Germaine. A psychologically compelling and literary erotic novel, King in Chains introduces a new enemy who threatens all of Vampire Kind and who offers the tormented Vampire King, Alastair, something his lovers, Cassie and Killian, never could.

For two hundred years, vampires Alastair and Cassie have lived without their Master, Killian. Killian’s return is cause for rejoicing – and nights of unquenchable passion – but Alastair still harbors the fear that his True Mate will abandon them once again. Complicating matters, Killian still refuses to take his place as the rightful Vampire King, leaving Alastair to rule in his stead, rather than serving as the Arm of Power.

As Alastair struggles with his doubts, an unknown Master Vampire stalks the streets, launching attacks on Alastair’s warrior patrols. When this dark new presence makes a brutal attempt on the life of Alastair’s son, war becomes a certainty. With Cassie and Killian away, Alastair must lead this war alone. He faces a dangerous foe: a necromantic Master Vampire of intense power and uncertain motivations – and intimate ties to Alastair’s past.

As the story unfold, this malevolent vampire threatens to rip the trio’s eternal bond to shreds and fulfill a deadly prophecy. What none of them anticipate is they will have to fight the battle of the lives to save what they have waited centuries to find again.

King in Chains is the reawakening of a warrior who has forgotten how to truly love. We once again travel back in history, confronting Alastair’s darkest memories and greatest truths. Action-packed and emotionally charged, Book Two of the Into the Dark Woods Series is both an erotic and passionate journey as well as a brutal, blood drenched battleground where a warrior must accept his fate as King and fight for those he loves.

Released: September 2017


About Grey Francis:

My life is a balancing act. A Mother of two children and four cats. A domestic goddess, whose work is never done. An aspiring cook and avid reader. And the writer of Paranormal Erotic Romances. Sometimes I feel as if I’m living a double life! Often, I find myself in line at the market or sitting at Parent Night at one of my kid’s schools, working out a steamy scene in my head that I’m in the middle of writing. Real life collides on a regular basis with the voices of my dark, seductive characters that live inside me.

Before starting the Into the Dark Woods Series, I studied journalism, worked in book publishing in New York as well as the film industry in Los Angeles. I eventually set out on my own to write screenplays full time. I wrote a number of scripts, most of which dealt with the paranormal and romance. I have always been drawn to the creatures of the night, primarily vampires. I also like venturing into more erotic territory. The two parts of my inner writer found each other when I decided to devote myself to writing novels and the Into The Dark Woods series was born. During these years, I married and had two children, taking off a certain amount of time to adjust to the challenges and joys of motherhood. The first day my youngest daughter entered pre-school, I set up my lap top in a coffee shop next to the school and started work on Bound to a Vampire. I’ve never looked back.

The best part about being a writer is spending my days with complicated, often funny, and incredibly sexy characters. Writing is also unpredictable, my characters often paving new, unexpected directions in my storylines. My favorite character started out a minor player in Book One, but a quarter of the way through the writing, I fell so in love with his dark, amorous, complex personality, he became one of my central characters.

I am currently at work on my third book and have a total of nine books planned in the series. I just released my second book, King in Chains and so far the response has been great! You can get updates on giveaways and upcoming releases on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads pages. I love hearing from readers and fellow writers, so feel free to contact me!


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