Good Morning! The birds are singing and, according to a certain groundhog, spring is on the way! Living in Houston, Texas, that makes me incredibly happy because, number one, that means beach weather is right around the corner and number two, we don’t have to keep supplying the school’s lost and found with an endless supply of “cold in the morning hot in the afternoon” jackets!

Thanks for stopping by today! So lets start off by getting a giveaway going! This giveaway will be a title of your choice from my backlist (check out my stuff at my website or on my blog to see what you fancy). All you have to do is comment and tell me — what is the bravest thing you’ve ever done? Or, perhaps we could word it like this. What is the thing you’ve done in your life when you were most terrified – but you did it anyway?

I ask this particular question because today is a big day for me. I have an important doctor’s appointment this morning, and as a three-time contender with the infamous c-word (that’d be cancer) I don’t take doctor’s appointments lightly. I do not like to say “survivor” . . . that’s just a personal preference for me, because in my experience, when I’ve let my guard down or ignored a symptom too long, I lost my survivor status and went back into the ring for another round with the c-word. So in saying contender, I keep myself vigilant. However, back to my point. We buried my beloved, dog-rescuing aunt last month – she was also a contender with cancer. However, her opponent was Triple Negative Breast Cancer – and as anyone familiar with it knows, it does NOT fight fair. She lost the fight, but I refuse to call Triple Negative Breast Cancer a winner. I call it a cheater.

Her form of cancer was proven to be hereditary. Since she is my second aunt to lose to breast cancer, I’m going this morning to have the test to see if I carry the defective gene that can cause this devastating cheater to come into MY ring. Believe it or not, this is NOT the most scared I’ve ever been. So I will tell you mine later today!

So tell me. What is the thing you’ve done in your life when you were most terrified – but you did it anyway?


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