I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the mage Lord Dal. There is another wizard who wants his story told and it was captured in the dark fantasy, Imprisoned in Stone.

Dylan wanted nothing more than to tend his farm, grow old with his wife, and watch their son grow. The Brethren had different plans. They wanted to control all magic, and anyone brooked no refusal.

For the crime of healing without payment, the Brethren imprisoned Dylan’s soul in stone. Centuries later a mind touches his and hope for escape from his eternal prison soars. However, his possible savior is unaware of her latent magic, the power needed to free him.

Cuhlwich, the current head of the Brethren wants a successor of his choosing, including using magic to enforce his will. Only his son, Colwynn, wants to choose his own mate–an unknown woman whose magic calls him from afar.

There is also romance in the story. Maerva whose emerging powers brought her to the attention of the head of the Brethren, has the choice of not one, but three
As to who will capture her heart? You will have to read the book to answer that one.

A spell kept secret for generations.
A father’s demands that can’t be met.
A woman who stands to lose everything.

Four paths — one destiny
With the power to bind souls and
control all magic in the balance.

Sharing a few words about the dark fantasy, Imprisoned in Stone
** a fascinating fantasy world with engaging characters.
** If you appreciate spells, wizards, blood sacrifices, and sword fights, this is the book for you!

Imprisoned in Stone, available in ebook and paperback.


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