My very first romance I ever sold, several years ago, was an M/M romance. I wrote it on a long work commute that had me up at 5am and not returning home sometimes until late in the evening. I was a US expat, working in Japan, where I currently live. I have a better job now (thank goodness!) and I can write more at a desk with coffee, cats, and some good music. 

My M/M didn’t start out that way. In fact, it was a fantasy story with several couples, but he central male-male couple took on a life of their own and became the most interesting. I learned that the best part of any story was falling in love with the characters you’re writing and you want to write about them all day. 

I started A Wolf’s Hunt, because I fell in love with Stephen, the werewolf pack Alpha whose tired of being alpha all the time. When he meets a dragon shifter named Zhang, he’s finally able to indulge his submissive side.

I wrote Kraken’s Prey in a workshop. It started as a tale about a lonely pirate captain and ended up the story of Aristad whose love for his Kraken mate spans time.

I wrote Raw Materials because the character of Edward Vincent, a motivational speaker wouldn’t get out of my head. I wrote a few lines about him a notebook for a few days, and then I came up with his match-Graham Warren-his polar opposite. But opposite attract.

I have a giveaway in the comments. It’s open until next Thursday.  Answer the question in the comments and I’ll pick a winner for a copy of one of my M/M romances at Changeling Press. 

Who is the first book character you remember falling in love with?



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