Hi! I’m Echo Ishii and I’m so happy to be blogging here at Coffee Time Romance. I write interracial, multicultural, and LGBT romance from Changeling Press. I also enjoy writing a short story now and then, especially SF and dark fantasy. I am a long time science fiction fan, as well as a fan of all things fantasy and paranormal — classic sci fi movies, shows, and even radio dramas. Follow me on Facebook or my blog SF Obscure. Occasionally, I’m on Twitter @mrsbook. Or feel free to check out my website.

I’ve been writing for years, but it took a while before I was published. I loved fantasy and science fiction stories since I was a child because I love the feeling of being transported to another world. At my blog SF Obscure, I talk a lot about many of the classic movies and sometimes forgotten SF shows. I also love the outdoors, good food, and travel. If I’m not talking about SF, I’m talking about food. And I’m fearless when it comes to eating. If you have a great recipe, feel free to share.

My most release from Changeling Press is TERRAN TEMPTATION, a multicultural, futuristic romance. There is also a short freebie available set in the Terran Universe: Custom Made, available from Changeling Encounters or iBooks.  

Thanks for reading a bit about me and I’ll talk more about my series, and my love of futuristic romance in my next post.

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