Please welcome Naomi Bellina to our forum.

CTBB: First tell us a little bit about you-the-author such as a title that came out in 2011, your publisher’s site and/or your own, and where you can be reached on the social networks that seem to be ‘where it’s at” these days.

NB : Hello! Thank you for having me here. I’ve had several stories published this year, so let me tell you a little about When Irish Eyes are Evil. The heroine, Rachel, spends her prison time on the World Space Station drowning her sorrows in the bar, and succumbs to the charms of the handsome bartender. Her new beau turns out to be an evil creature intent on killing her and others, but Rachel refuses to go down without a fight.

In real life women are constantly thwarting scoundrels, like nasty bosses, greedy landlords, vindictive ex’s, etc. I think many readers will enjoy this character and cheer her on. Rachael is tough and brave. One of her best lines is ‘Life isn’t about being safe all the time.’

The best place to find me is at my website, where I post all my latest info. I hang out at Facebook too,

CTBB: Do you favor resolutions, goals or just say phooey on it all??

NB: I’m not a big goal setter, though everyone says authors should do that. I do like making resolutions, and I’m working on several for the upcoming year.

CCBB: What’s your rationale for this choice?

NB: The goalposts in life keep moving! If I set concrete goals and don’t reach them, I feel guilty and disappointed. If I keep it more loose and flexible, I won’t beat myself up when things don’t work out exactly the way I planned. Resolutions are more like promises I make to myself. The one I have in mind for 2012 is to get rid of things that aren’t working for me. Just because I’ve done something forever, or because everyone else does it, or that really famous person says it’s the thing to do, doesn’t mean it’s right for me. That’s the nice thing about being an adult, I can change my mind!

CCBB: Will you share with us something that your choice helped you accomplish, one that went down in flames, or the top one on your list this year?

NB: I wasn’t sure what I wanted to accomplish this past year. See? No definite goals. I looked at 2011 a giant learning experience. I got out there and started doing a little research and voila! I found a plethora of writing and promotional opportunities! (I love the word ‘plethora’. It was used in a funny movie, I think the Three Amigos, talking about piñatas. I crack up whenever I hear it!) I’ve had pieces, fiction and non-fiction published that I never even dreamed of writing. Opportunities presented themselves, I wrote, it worked! So, that was more or less my resolution, to seize prospects and go with it.

CCBB: What’s the weather like where you are today? If you could wrinkle your nose or wave a magic wand would you still be there or somewhere else in this amazing world?

NB: Sorry to annoy most of the United States, but it’s warm and sunny here in Florida! We sat at the beach and had a drink this week. Much as I love my life in this area, however, I’ve always wanted to live in the mountains. New Mexico, Peru, South America. My magic wand would be busy!

CCBB: Are you a chronic packrat, a travel-light-in-life devotee or in between?

NB: Yes, I’d have to say I’m a little of both. I can’t pack light to save my life. I’m always the one schlepping heavy bags around the airport. I do try to keep the clutter out of my office. Too much stuff around and I start to feel nervous, like there’s something very important buried in one of the piles.

CCBB: Thanks for taking part in our fun chat today and may the force be with you, your pen, keyboard and/or personal New Year’s plan!

NB: Thank you, Coffee Crew and readers! Cheers to everyone and their plans for the new year, no matter what they are.

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