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Friends Forever – Young Adult Fiction by Maryann Miller – available as an e-book worldwide, and also in paperback.

Thanks so much to Coffee Time Romance & More for this opportunity to share about my book that has been enjoyed by young teens, as well as some adults. We all remember those horrible days of middle school and high school when our social standing depended on who we were friends with and what kind of clothes we wore. Other than a change of setting and a change of attire, I’m sure the social posturing started in ancient times when Garthea was kicked out of the clan for inappropriate use of a bear skin, and it continues unaltered through present time. That is the premise of Friends Forever, a book for tweens that I wrote back when my daughter was in middle school and experiencing all the angst of the social structures girls create for each other.

While the book focuses on the social issues, there is also a bit of romance because that is the age when girls are noticing boys and they start noticing them back. Brad is the new boy in school and Debbie hopes he will be noticing her, but how can he when there is the beautiful Angie flirting with him all the time?

Book Blurb: Friendship is a tenuous thing when you are thirteen and everything in your life is changing, especially your best friend. Terrified that she will lose Laura to the influence of Angie who is rich, beautiful, and the most popular girl in school, Debbie Webly will do almost anything to hang on to Laura. When her efforts backfire, Debbie finds out that true friendship is based on much more than looks or popularity.

Excerpt from Chapter Five:

When the last bell rang, Debbie raced out of the school.  Maybe she could come down with some terrible disease overnight and never have to go back. Keeping her eyes on the cement in front of her, Debbie hurried across the front entryway and down to the sidewalk.  She could cut around the side and take a different way home.  Eliminate any risk of running into Lauren or Angie.

Connecting with something solid, Debbie looked up. Oh, my, God. Brad. She’d run right into him. “I’m sorry,” she said, red-faced and flustered as all her books spilled from her arms.

“That’s okay. Let me help you.”

Debbie stood frozen for a moment, watching him slide loose-leaf papers into folders. Then she realized she shouldn’t just stand there like an idiot while he did all the work. She hunkered down and grabbed some papers.
When his hand brushed hers, she felt a tingle of response and risked a glance at him. He gave her a flicker of a smile. She glanced away again, wondering if he knew about her earlier humiliation. But who was she trying to kid? Of course he knew. The whole school knew. But whatever he was thinking, his expression gave nothing away.

“Thanks,” she stammered when all the books and papers were collected. “See you around.”

“Sure. Later.”

She watched him walk away. God. Here was my perfect moment, just like in a movie, and I blew it.

***Eppie Award Finalist *** Top Ten Book At The Ojeda Middle School in Austin TX

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