Heroes and Villains- Why write them?

In the 8th grade I wrote my first short story about prom. Though I cannot remember what the title was or even the main characters’ names, I do remember that exhilarating feeling of putting pen to paper. Since I was young, I have loved stories filled with romance, action, and adventure. In January of last year, I remembered something my high school writing teacher told me, ‘never stop writing.’ Of course, this is easier said than done, and many memories of failed attempts at completing a novel swirled in the back of my mind. Nevertheless, I was determined. Not a week later, I was inspired by a prompt I happened to stumble upon. ‘What if a hero died for a villain?’ Now, this is not a spoiler for my story; however, it had me thinking about the relationship between hero and villain in the traditional sense, and about how a villain sees their world, themselves, and love.

Simply put, I wanted to write a complete story, and a good one at that. I kept coming back to the idea of a person asking this constant question in his head, ‘Why me?’ When we read literature or watch films, we see a villain’s actions and hear their words, but never fully get inside their mind- to see that person behind the mask and see their inner struggles. My mission was not to glorify the bad in the main character (or any villain), but to write about a flawed character from whom the reader can learn from. Love and life are delicate things and we must all learn that.



“April 17th- It played back, just like it happened. Her. The lightening. The rain pouring down. Me. The screaming. The blood. The damage done. A villain rising. A hero born. A battle. A war beginning.”

Vincent Conlan, or Solis, is a villain in the rainy, New England city of Bristol. He just has one problem- he’s in love. On his own since he was eighteen, Vincent got his powers in a freak government experiment that created not one super but two. Now, years later, he’s caught in a war he cannot win. With the city ever cheering for their hero to win, he is struggling with an uncertain future and the battles of unrequited love. So, the question remains: to love or to fight? Winning would mean losing her. Losing would cost him everything.

Diary of a Villain is a story that I hope everyone can enjoy and relate to on some level. We all make decisions everyday and every one of those effects the people and the world around us. Our actions have consequences, and sometimes they can hurt the ones we love most. Solis is a character that doesn’t understand why he’s been cursed with the powers he has, why the world only sees the outer appearance (or mask), and why the one person he thinks could possibly understand him hates him so badly. He’s a very complex and conflicted character, and in the end, we see where his decisions lead him- good and bad.

As this is my first publication, I’m excited to see what comes next. Is this the end of the story for Solis? No, but you’ll have to wait and see. However, I can say that masks can be deceiving and so can endings.


About Autumn Sulfridge

At twenty-one, it’s still difficult for me to believe that I’ve been able to publish a book so early in life, but life seems to surprise us all that way. In short, I am originally from a small town in Kentucky and I’ve moved around quite a bit in the past few years, ending up here in Florida. Currently I am completing my degree in Elementary Education and hope to be finished soon. I am also a children’s pastor at my church and a faithful Christian. So, rest assured that Dairy of a Villain is appropriate for all peoples ages thirteen and up. When I’m not working or going to school, I spend my time with my family and friends. I absolutely love doing escape rooms, playing cards, and spending my days at the local parks Florida has to offer. I have two cats, Loki and Bishop, and they are the cause of a great deal of distraction from my writing. As for my personal interests, I love history, art, reading, and photography. However, the most prominent of these would be the fact that I am a huge movie buff. I love classics, action films, Star Wars, Marvel, and of course rom-coms.

Lastly, I do hope to continue writing and I encourage every person who dreams of doing so to pursue that dream, no matter how long it takes.

Happy Reading!

Autumn Sulfridge

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