Hello, folks! Happy Sunday! I’m Romantic Suspense Author Destiny Booze. It’s okay if you paused for a bit on my last name. The funniest part about my name is I don’t typically drink alcohol! Lol.

I’m taking over the blog today. I hope you don’t mind. How is everyone? 🙂

The picture below is me on a day I actually tried doing something with my hair. I wanted you to be able to put a face to the “voice.” More often than not, my hair is in a ponytail (like now). I make no apologies for that. It’s how I survive in this world with fine, lifeless hair.

Giveaway Alert! So, let’s start this day off with some fun! I have a game for you. I picked out a book from my bookshelf that has some significance to me. I’ll reveal the nature of the meaning later when I announce what book is in the picture below. This is a guessing game. How many pages do you think are in this book? Comment below with your guess! I will award a $10.00 box of handmade artisan chocolates from Jackie’s Chocolates to the person with the closest guess. More than one person may win in the event of a tie. The winner(s) will be announced tomorrow night 9/10/18 at 9:00 PM Eastern Time to give everyone a chance to participate. Good luck! 🙂


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