Husband taught me to love camping many years ago.  In fact, we went camping for a week for our honeymoon–out to the Black Hills of South Dakota. We raised our kids to be campers, taking most of them when they were in utero still, and certainly, as babies.  We live in Illinois, but we always go north on vacation.  We’ve camped at most Wisconsin State Parks and Forests–repeatedly.  We’ve also camped in most Minnesota State Parks.  One year we had our vacation all planned, and the MN governor had a spat with the congress over their budget, and they closed all State Parks down–2 days before the 4th of July!  Our vacation was the last week of July.  We were frantic,  Husband got on-line and found that there were Federal Park Campgrounds on the opposite side of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  We’d been camping on the west side, but the east side skirts along Lake Superior, and has the small tourist town of Grand Marais–then you drive up into the mountains for the campgrounds. We only had to camp there that one time, to realize that this was our new favorite destination!

I got to love it so much up there, that when we were leaving one year, I started to cry.  I thought about how it would be great to fall in love with a local person, then you could have a reason to move up there and stay there.  That led me to start a story arc, and by the time we got home, 12+ hours later, I knew what my next book was going to be.  For the Love of His Life is about a spoiled brat of an action movie star, who gets the role of a lifetime, but his addictions threaten to derail him before he gets to make the movie.  So the indie director sends him up to Grand Marais, and asks his cousin, Veronica, who taught him how to fish and hike and camp, to babysit the actor until he can get the whole film crew up there to make his movie about their ancestor who founded the town.No one has ever told the actor there are limits to what he can do. And Veronica tells him she’ll never believe him because he “lies for a living.” Some say this is my best book.            Buy links:

Then one of the bit characters in that book, began to talk in my head, telling me her story. Only One Man Will Do is about a red-haired biker queen, who runs a marketing agency by day, and her biker gang at night and on weekends. When an ex-KGB agent inserts himself into her life, she follows her instincts to some explosive sex.  But she’s not willing to give up her other men.  He’s not willing to share.  Now what? For buy links:                                                           Note: this book is on sale at Smashwords for only $1.20 through the end of May.

The third Minnesota Romance is Her Last Resort. This one involves a Grand Marais area resort owner who used to be with the KGB, a retired CIA agent who’s pissed because someone keeps sending people to try to kill her, and her daughter, the actress from the movie made in the first book.  This book features a heroine and hero in their 50’s, who prove that love knows no age, but burns hot no matter your age. Buy links:

Contest question: Why do you think my husband doesn’t agree with me, when i tell him I want to someday retire up to Grand Marais? He has a one word answer.  Hint: It’s a season.

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