I’m so excited to be here at Coffee Time Romance. Imagine a world where you could sip your hot beverage of choice, while reading your hot book of choice every day. I’m going to pretend that is my life, at least while I’m guest blogging here.

Here’s a little bit about me and how I got started writing. I’ve always been the story teller of the family (some of the stories were even truthful). I felt compelled to write them down a few years ago. I didn’t have plans to publish at first. But I’m also too ambitious for my own good.

I didn’t always love books because I didn’t learn to read until I was about 11 years old. Not only did I miss out on all the Judy Blooms, but school was a very painful place.

I had the fortune of getting some extra help in 6th grade. Once it clicked, I devoured every book I could get ahold of. I immediately went to Sherlock Holmes (still some of my favorite stories). As much as Benedict Cumberbatch is yummy

Jeremy Brett is always my Sherlock.

Now, I love reading romance of any kind. And I love non-fiction. Isaac’s Storm by Erik Larson is on the top of my kindle now.

I need a happy ever after in my fiction. Because of my work as a social worker, I’ve never been able to read those wonderful weepy Oprah book club books. When “Precious” came out, I couldn’t look at that as entertainment, since foster care was my day job. Fiction, for me, needs to be an escape. And I’d better be emotionally satisfied at the end or I’ll hurl the book at the wall. Non-fiction I can be forgiving.

My most recent book, Standing Up, is the classic nerd/jock story but with a twist. Mike was the star football player in high school. A car accident lands him on crutches in excruciating pain, and he elects to have his legs amputated below the knee. Jill is a woman determined to get to NASA but finds it hard to stand up for herself in a man’s world. It’s more a story of finding your identity than a straight forward romance.

I hope you enjoy it.

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