Thank you so much for this opportunity to visit your wonderful blog, all decked out for the holidays. I adore the twinkling lights.

You wanted to know where the main characters in WICKED LITTLE SECRETS would spend their first holiday season.

Wicked Little SecretsThe characters Vivienne Taylor and Lord Dashiell are adventure-seeking history junkies. Part of their Happily Ever After agreement was traveling the world together. They would enjoy their first Christmas in Bethlehem, searching for archeological evidence of the Christmas story. I see them dressed like the locals and enjoying the cuisine when they accidentally piss off some antiquities smuggler and fall into an Indiana Jones-like adventure. Those two can’t stay out of trouble for very long.

As for my favorite Christmas traditions…

Growing up, my family didn’t have many Christmas traditions aside from the materially gluttonous Christmas morning, followed by the search for D batteries and then the afternoon lull in front of the television. We believed in tacky Christmases full of silver tinsel, sparkling garlands, and lights that lit in different patterns. We have become more tasteful through the years. But Christmas morning remains frenzied.

When I married my husband, I joined in his family’s Scandinavian traditions. They begin celebrating with a huge meal on the day before Christmas Eve or Lillejuleaften . On actual Christmas Eve (Jule aften), my husband and his mother cook a large goose for dinner. Dessert is a game involving almond pudding dessert. Amid the almond slivers in the pudding is one whole almond. The person who finds the whole almond wins a prize–typically a chocolate orange. Then we light the candles on the trees and everyone listens to Danish Christmas carols, eats cookies, and opens presents in an orderly fashion. On Christmas Day, they have a huge smorgasbord. Afterwards, everyone of legal age has a “Schnapps’ snooze.”

*If you are interested in learning more about the traditional Scandinavian Christmas, I wrote a blog post about it here.

Tell me your family’s traditions?


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