Hello coffee and book lovers – have I found my tribe or what? This early summer morning the sun is out here in central Washington state, and our notoriously wicked valley wind is a-blowing. I’ve got a nice little sheltered patio where I sit and sip the equally wicked strong coffee that gets me going every morning, and I’m thrilled to visit Coffee Thoughts.

Cover art for You, Jane

“Once upon a time could ruin Jane’s life, or lead her to a happy ending she never expected.”

About four years ago now, I made the decision to leave my demanding job in the big city, move to a smaller town, and pursue my dream of writing novels. It’s no wonder my second book, just-released You, Jane, is all about the way we can write our own happy endings. In the story, Jane’s ability to write stories that come true only seems to create havoc in her life. She’s been in love with her best friend Charlie for years, even though he’s married to someone else. As the story begins, one of Jane’s fables puts Charlie’s son in danger. In order to bring the little boy back, Jane and Charlie and their circle of friends need let go of the past and open the door to their futures.

Sound familiar? Maybe we can all relate to feeling stuck, being afraid to move forward, needing some kind of crisis to push us into the future. Truth is, we’re all authoring our own life stories. Jane is, too, but she keeps forgetting it. Or it might be more accurate to say, she keeps trying to forget it. She’ll order another small beer at her friend Molly’s bar, and then another, and then another, in her attempt to stop the next fable from coming to her. In the story, these magical tales are the result of the combined efforts of a Wicked Spirit and a Self-Doubting Angel as they work to bring Jane back to the center of her life. In real life, the wake-up calls can come from anywhere: work, friends, family, or a little boy in a coma, like in You, Jane.

Our job isn’t to drink the wake-up calls away, but to listen to and tell the stories they inspire. By doing that, Jane finds true love. I won’t give away here the person with whom she finds it, because I hope that little tidbit will surprise readers the way it surprised me when I wrote the rough draft that became this novel.

And the way it surprised me in real life. After I made the drastic changes I needed to make, terrifying as they were, a new love came into my life, too. Funny thing, I’d written the ending to You, Jane about a year before that happened. Maybe Jane isn’t the only one who can write her own happy ending.

I’d love to read about your happy endings, too! Comment here and visit me at my author blog, Point No Point, to find out more about my work and thoughts on love, friendship, music, life, and baseball. My two novels from Champagne Books – You, Jane and An Alien’s Guide to World Domination – are available on Amazon and other fine e-book retailers.

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