I am pleased to tell you that my Christmas anthology called A TEXAS KIND OF CHRISTMAS is being rereleased for this Christmas. It has a new cover but the same beloved stories.

When two friends called me and asked me to write about an early hotel in Dallas called the St. Nicholas, I jumped, loving the idea. What fun, early Texas, and a hotel that’s name would fit perfectly in a Christmas anthology.

My tale takes place in one night in 1859. The story opens with two people hiding out upstairs in a luggage room as a grand ball begins downstairs. The man is running for his life. Accused of something he didn’t do. Knowing he’ll hang if he’s caught.

The woman is being forced to pick a husband at the Christmas Ball or she’ll lose everything. Two people who would never have found each other if they hadn’t been hiding out from life. In the darkness they share an honesty that draws them together.

Celia Bondaduce and Rachael Miles, my fellow authors, and I were so excited when A TEXAS KIND OF CHRISTMAS recently won first place at National Federation of Press Women’s Communications Contest.

So, as the holidays near, pick up a copy of A TEXAS KIND OF CHRISTMAS and step back in time. Three writers, one hotel and lots of Christmas cheer.

Merriest Christmas,

Jodi Thomas



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