Magic imprisoned Dylan’s soul, but not his will. Love released both.

Going with the theme of behind the scenes, a different reveal. The biggest challenge in telling the tale of Dylan, Maerva, and Colwynn was not the blood sacrifices or the darker element, but something more prosaic, getting the characters together. Each of the three main characters resided in a different part of the country. They had to be gotten together at a specific place and time, all the while building the relationships between them so that by the time they met physically for the first time, there was a relationship. An additional problem that had to be solved was Dylan, since he was imprisoned in a stone pillar, he couldn’t physically move.

Plotting the movements quickly became so difficult I resurrected a flow-chart design from my earlier computer programming and system analysis days. Timelines laid out on a large sketch pad helped track the character’s paths.

In earlier posts, I’ve mentioned my playlist when I’m writing has Celtic, flute instrumentals, and selected tunes from groups such as Celtic Thunder, Celtic Women. For Dylan, a different song dominated, the “Lonely Man Theme” by Joe Harnel. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, it is the piano solo played at the end of each episode of the television series, The Incredible Hulk. For the first time since I started writing fiction, music portrayed a character rather than an emotion or a time. The music that accompanied David Banner as he walked down the highway to an unknown future conveyed the sense of hopelessness and loss characterized by the mage Dylan, as he tries to escape from his eternal prison of stone. And took on an even more haunting aspect when he has to decide the fate of another.

Sharing a few words about the dark fantasy, Imprisoned in Stone.
** a fascinating fantasy world with engaging characters.
** If you appreciate spells, wizards, blood sacrifices, and sword fights, this is the book for you!

Find the tale of Dylan, Maerva, and Colwyn in ebook and Paperback

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