The Tiger Catcher – The End of Forever Saga

Paullina Simons – From the international bestselling author of TULLY and THE BRONZE HORSEMAN comes an achingly beautiful new trilogy of love, lost and found. in the End of Forever Trilogy, Simons takes readers on an extraordinary adventure of love and loss across continents and time. Her captivating story will appeal to her millions of fans, as well as readers of Outlander, The Time Traveler’s Wife and JoJo Moyes’ novels.

True love never dies.

The Tiger Catcher is the story of Julian, living a charmed life in Los Angeles, whose world is turned upside down by a love affair with Josephine, a mysterious young woman who takes him by storm. But she is not what she seems, carrying secrets that tear them apart—perhaps forever.

So begins Julian and Josephine’s extraordinary adventure of love, loss, and the mystical forces that bind people together across time and space. It is a journey that propels Julian toward impossible choices which will lead him to love fulfilled … or to oblivion.



Paullina Simons was born and raised in Leningrad, USSR. In 1968, her father was arrested for protesting the Soviet Union’s invasion of Czechoslovakia and spent the next five years of his life in the Gulag prison camps and in exile. In the mid-seventies, Paullina and her family managed to leave the U.S.S.R. and immigrate to the United States. While growing up in Russia Paullina dreamed of someday becoming a writer. Her dreams were put on hold as she learned English and overcame the shock of a new culture.

After graduating from the University of Kansas and various jobs including working as a financial journalist and as a translator, Paullina wrote her first novel Tully. Through word of mouth, the book was welcomed by readers all over the world. She has since written twelve novels, a memoir, a cookbook, and two children’s books. Her books have been published in over 23 countries, sold millions of copies, and have been on many bestseller lists around the world.

Paullina has lived in Rome, London, and Dallas, and now lives in New York with her husband and half of her children.

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