Thanks for having me on the blog today! Let’s talk characters and FREE BOOKS!

I always worry about giving a reader too much insight on the “crazy” that is a writer’s brain, but we are what we are. Just give a wide berth if you see me in public, talking about my characters as if they are real people. 😉

Honestly, it can’t be helped. You spend so much time with them, getting to know every detail inside and out, they do feel real. They become such a part of your life, there’s a mourning process when a book is wrapped up. The same goes for a book series on an even larger scale. Parting ways is tough once the story is truly over. Thank goodness I have stubborn characters and when I say goodbye, they don’t always let me off that easily! I have quite a few books I thought were single titles and ended up being two or more.

Of course with me being so close to my characters, I want everyone to like them. I love e-mails from fans, telling me so. Even more so, the e-mails shouting, “OMG! WHY ISN’T HIS A MOVIE!”

I get that a lot with Dustin Time, so I made the 1st book in the series free. You can get your e-copy anywhere you buy your e-books. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, and dig into 2 & 3. #3 seems to be the favorite of them all (which doesn’t often happen in a series of anything).

I never planned on this being a series, but the characters wouldn’t leave me alone, and I was more than okay with that! I loved the way everything fell into place and kept them with me for just a little longer.

At the end of my I Got Your Back, Hailey series, I had withdrawals for weeks! It’s hard to say if I had problems sleeping so I thought about them, or if it was the other way around. In any case, I loved watching them in action as if I was watching a movie. I was grateful to have them stick around for a while longer. This series spanned over a few years. It was truly hard letting them go.

If you’re a fan of romantic suspense that isn’t predictable, give #1 a shot and see if my feisty, potty mouth, Hailey, floats your boat. Like Dustin Time, I didn’t plan on this being a series. The first couple dozen fan e-mails on book #1 was “Please tell me there is more!” Most loved my secondary character, Donny. He was very agreeable to more books. LOL I’m pretty sure I’ve wrapped it up in #5, but I have learned to never say never. 😉

I also made the 1st book in the series free everywhere.

If you are a fan of a series, like I am, give either one (or both) a try. I’d love to hear from you as well.

Thanks for taking the time to peek at my “family.”

Happy Reading!

June Kramin

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