Thank you Bonnie and staff at Coffee Time Romance for hosting me today.

Dear lovely readers, are you a clairvoyeur? I'm just kidding when I ask you this question.

Last time Bonnie hosted me here, she asked me to write 13 interesting questions and I have written and answered 13 questions from Mr. Darcy.

This time, I'm promoting my new sexy historical romance Clairvoyeur and I think I wll ask you some questions too. You will have a chance to win my ebook. Here is the book blurb and excerpt from the book. The questions are at the end.


When a maiden sees into her future…

Impoverished country gentlewoman Claire Hastings can see into the future with a crystal ball. It is a blessing… but not always.

After she meets rich and handsome Jonathan Davies, she starts to see visions of a man coupling with different women. When the man turns out to be Davies and the “women” turn out to be Claire herself, she has the shock of her life. Is she fated to become his mistress, or is Davies a rake imposing on her?

Davies doesn’t want to be attracted to this country mouse but Claire's presence tempts him every moment they are together. When he is blackmailed with scandalous sketches of him with a woman who looks like Claire, he is furious. Is Claire working with the blackmailer?


That night, in the privacy of her bedroom, Claire Hastings had an urge to look into the future again. On each of the 10 nights since her return from London, she had taken out the crystal ball with a measure of anticipation and apprehension, and willed herself to meet or to miss seeing the man with the heart-shaped birthmark again. No vision ever came to her mind. That night, after the Brightside Assembly, the crystal ball was calling for her.

She locked her door, put her hands on the crystal ball and let it take her to another world. It was a library. It looked vaguely familiar but she couldn’t quite put her finger on why. The room was splashed with extravagant decorations, and seemed to be lacking a full complement of books. The few books on each shelf looked too tidy; unused and unread. Claire’s eyes continued to move through the room. There was a big chocolate-coloured desk decorated in gold on the corners. It was very untidy, with piles of paper on it that suggested their owner was clearly an untidy person.

Her vision moved to the left of the desk. To her utter astonishment, she saw the man again! The same tall man with the well-built, broad back she had seen in the bath. She was sure of it.

Her heart nearly jumped out of her bosom, because this time the man wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing. He was as naked as the day he was born. Her breath quickened. She did not want to spy on him again, but his glorious form was pulling her in. He was standing in front of a ladder, his back towards her. She could see the muscles of his back clearly. This time, no bath water was limiting her view. As her eyes moved lower, she took in the cheeky expanse of the man’s bare bottom. Mesmerised by this extraordinary and incongruous vision, Claire felt her pulse rate quicken, a sensation that filled her with guilt.

Claire, you are shameless! How can you gaze at a man’s naked bottom and not lower your eyes? Just as suddenly as this question popped into the mind of this gently raised woman, another voice answered it. But he is truly magnificent! This is the most superb male form I have ever laid my eyes on. His bottom is toned and pert; his thighs strong and potent. He has the physique and countenance of a Greek god. Oh goodness, he is irresistible.

After a few minutes admiring this striking naked form, Claire’s attention was drawn to the fact that he was not alone. Out of the corner of the crystal ball, she saw another human being take shape… it was a woman, and she was walking gracefully towards him as he stood naked in front of the library ladder. And it was the same woman who had shared his body in the bath!  

The first thing that caught her eye was the tiny foot of the woman as she leant towards him, gently tracing the back of his calf. It slowly caressed his leg, until it reached his bottom. The woman then used her foot to rub against his butt cheek in a circular motion. His wide form blocked the woman’s face, but Claire could see she was wearing a very expensive, yellow silk dress, with some colourful wildflowers elegantly sewn on the hem.

The man used his hand to brush the woman’s legs. His fingers were long and supple, and he leaned down to sweep them across her ankles, then brought them up slowly, delicately brushing her calves, knees, and thighs. When they reached the hem of her dress they pushed it up dangerously higher and higher, exposing more and more of her legs.

So here are my three questions. If you answer any of them correctly, you are in for a chance to win a copy of Clairvoyeur in ebook format. I will give out one ebook to one of the lucky readers.

1. Where has Claire Hastings been to before coming home?

2. What was the well-built man doing the last time Claire saw him in the crystal ball?

3. What is the colour of the dress the woman in the crystal ball is wearing?

The contest is open to worldwide readers and will close on 20 December 2012. Please spread the words about my books and happy reading! You can check out my books at SteamyDarcy.


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