Lady Pendleton is a time-traveling Regency lady who by some lucky chance landed in my neighborhood in Toledo, Ohio last winter. As a Regency author and avid scholar of that period in English history, I was thrilled to meet her, and offered her a place in my humble home. She has never ceased to provide me with all sorts of fascinating tidbits of information about the Georgian/Regency era in which she lived, and she’s been equally intrigued with life in 21st century America. We’ve had some…interesting…experiences together, such as driving my car in a public parking lot (never again), shopping (she wished to have an entire wardrobe made up of the fabulous 21st century sparkly fabrics to take back with her to the 19th century), and even though I introduced her to my extensive collection of Star Trek videos and painstakingly explained the concept of the Prime Directive, she pooh-poohed the idea. I’m convinced that when she returned this summer for a visit with her grandchildren she somehow managed to smuggle some modern contraband with her. (The credit card charge for $1100 worth of stuff from Toys R Us tells the story.)

So far, the world has not come to an end. Yet.

All About Lady P

red_3smLady Pendleton is the eccentric aunt of Damian Ashby from my story, Treasuring Theresa. She first appears in the epilogue to the story, which is a free read on my web site (but do read Treasuring Theresa first!). Outspoken and somewhat managing, she was married to the easygoing Lord Pendleton until his death many years ago. She married off her two daughters most advantageously, and then set about assisting Theresa, her niece by marriage, return to London society alongside her new husband. Although her taste in fashion is somewhat…uh…unconventional, her ability to identify the root of a problem and her basic goodness make her a worthy ally to have.

As a member of the highest echelons of London Society, Lady P has been the source of inspiration for many posts on my Regency blog, Susana’s Parlour. Her insights were invaluable in writing:

Lady P: Season Two

Lady P departed for the summer to spend some time with her grandchildren, but she intends to be back following the Little Season to spend the winter as a snowbird with me in central Florida. I’m looking forward to hearing all the latest on-dits, of course, but she has also agreed to play a minor part in a time travel story I am planning to write. I can’t wait to find out more about how she manages the time travel thing; so far, she has been rather close-mouthed about it. I suppose it everyone were to be time-traveling like she does, the world would be in total chaos. But I’m still hoping to pick her brain a bit more about it. I don’t think I’d want to live in the past forever, but if I could go back for a few days or even a week and see for myself what it was like…what an inspiration to my writing that would be!

I can’t wait to introduce her to the other members of our little retirement community. I just hope she doesn’t aggravate people by winning too often at Monday Night Bingo…that’s definitely a no-no. Come join us! Susana’s Parlour posts on Mondays and Thursdays.

About Treasuring Theresa

treasuringtheresa_1.75She’s a country lady. He’s a London swell. They have nothing in common. Or have they?

Lady Theresa despises London society. What’s worse is that she has to attend the betrothal ball of the young man she expected to marry. To deflect all the pitiful glances from the other guests, she makes a play for the most striking gentleman there—who happens to be her Cousin Damian, who is everything she despises.

Damian, Lord Clinton sees a desperate young lady with no social graces, and it solidifies his opinion that country folk are beneath him. But it so happens that he is the heir to that young lady’s father’s title and estate, and the time comes when he finds himself obliged to spend some time there. 

Thrown together, both Damian and Theresa discover each other’s hidden depths. But are their differences too much to overcome to make a successful match?

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