SO, that’s it!  I can’t think of anything more clever or interesting to say so I shall close.  The team that runs Coffee Time are amazing.  Super patient (I seemed to be having a dense couple of weeks!) and really lovely.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience and kindness.

I’ll keep poking in to answer questions – please feel free to ask anything!  I will answer pretty much anything!  Again, I would like to give away a copy of my book, so I will randomly pick one commenter August 1st to get a eCopy of The Key to All Things.

So, to make this blog post a little bit more worthwhile, I’ll talk about endings.

When a TV show or book series – or any story, really, but longer stories, where you invest multiple hours over years seem to make this more important – I need it to end at a good spot.  I don’t like permanent endings…no character deaths, no quitting the job, and burning bridges.  I like them to look like they are all going to continue on happily, that as we leave them we have a reasonable expectation that they will all live happily ever after, that characters who are friends will be there for each other, that lovers will always be happy, that the bad guys will remain punished and locked away.  I know life sucks – I don’t need a story to tell me that.  I like the idea when the screen goes dark one last time, I know the people I invested in, fell in love with, are safe and happy and will probably remain mostly so.

And, like characters from the stories I love so, I hope each of you goes off and has a safe and happy life.  Thank you again for being here, part of my day.

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