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October 2018: Favorite Hero
~ Linnhe McCarron ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: Of your published titles to date, which hero is your favorite and why?

Linnhe McCarron said:
Luc Deschaines is the man we’d all love to meet. He’s breathtakingly handsome…tall, slim with thick ebony hair, dark blue eyes and long sooty eyelashes. Sigh. For a business meeting in a rural setting, he’s wearing pressed jeans, crisp white shirt, cowboy boots, tweed jacket. Sigh. He’s smart, sophisticated, compassionate, kind and fun-loving. Sigh.

Best of all, he’s easy to talk to and easy to be with. He’s practical and down to earth and he doesn’t get upset easily. He’s the go-to-person for the other characters; they admire him, respect him and like him. (It also doesn’t hurt that he’s rich). He’s generous in all respects, with his emotions, his time, his intellect, and his money. He has the resources to help his friends, to smooth their paths…and he does.

He’s the divorced father of a troubled teenage daughter, morbidly obese and desperately unhappy fourteen-year-old Stephanie Deschaines. Luc is the parent every child should have. His lifestyle isn’t lavish but his home is safe, clean and comfortable. He’s interested in his daughter, loving, supportive and nurturing.

When his venture capital firm underwrites the creation of an equestrian community in Tennessee, Luc recognizes a kindred spirit in Horse Country Real Estate agent, Ronnie Chandler, and a friendship slowly develops into romance. Luc ensures there’s room in the relationship for his daughter and is rewarded when Ronnie proves to be the friend, mentor and role model Stephanie needs.

And Luc has a wonderful spirit of adventure. He has a pilot’s license and the use of the company’s small business jet. His firm owns a horse ranch in Texas.
He is busy and has a demanding work schedule but he is never self-serving or self-absorbed.

He brings out the best in everyone whose life he touches and it was a pleasure to bring Luc to life on the pages of Fool Me Once.


Fool Me Once by Linnhe McCarron cover

Fool Me Once

[Contemporary Fiction]

Ronnie Chandler’s past—especially the identity of her ex-husband—is a secret, held close and shared with only a trusted few. Planning never to see him again, she’d moved halfway across the country and found a job in a profession where he’d never in a million years look for her.

Ready for a bigger challenge than selling small cabins, Ronnie and her colleagues at Horse Country Real Estate attract The Westlake Group, venture capitalists from Virginia, to underwrite the creation of Riverwood, a planned equestrian community.

Senator Evan Parker is in Tennessee on a fact-finding trip. When his path unexpectedly crosses Ronnie’s, he demands a second chance, but Ronnie is fast falling in love with Luc Deschaines, one of her new investment partners.

Evan has Ronnie and all of the realtors, over a proverbial barrel. Infuriated at the stance forced on her, will Ronnie capitulate to Evan’s demands?

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