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May 2018: Debut Novel Inspiration
~ Jovana Rodolakis ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: What inspired you to write your debut novel?

Jovana Rodolakis said:
You know the meme “Don’t piss off a writer. They may put you in a book and kill you.” That’s my inspiration for my debut novel.

I’ve always loved creating stories, from my middle school masterpiece about a killer fog, to erotic encounters between my friends and their favorite celebrity crush. It wasn’t until my childhood best friend and I stopped talking before I decided to dive into the realm of a full length novel.

After months of enduring her crying on my shoulder over a terrible boyfriend that she refused to break up with, I had to do something with my frustration. So I turned to the only outlet I knew. I vilified a very lose interpretation of him and threw him in shady dealings that eventually led to his death.

There is truth in the “Don’t piss off a writer.” phrase, it was therapeutic. So much so that I was able to release the pent up anger I held toward him and eventually wrote a love story with him as the villain. The happily ever after was so much more satisfying.


Forever in Hollywood by Jovana Rodolakis cover

Forever in Hollywood

[Contemporary Romance]

Fresh out of college, Marissa Pearson is ready to take on the world. That is, as long as the world isn’t confrontational. She never learned to deal with opposition, instead she runs from it. She ran from a violent boyfriend, a cheating husband, and now she’s on the run from Andrew Reed. He’s the sexy Hollywood playboy intent on nailing her down in more ways than one. Long days on a movie set can bring people together. Soon Marissa finds herself falling for the wrong guy–again. When Marissa’s past catches up with her, in the form of a vengeful ex, she learns the price of running. But Andrew channels the heroes he plays on-screen in order to give Marissa the strength to do the right thing. Only when Marissa learns to face challenges thrown at her, will she also learn Andrew was the right guy all along.

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