A word, or two, about my novel, The Tiger Catcher, the first book in the End of Forever saga.

Because it’s always important to know what you’re getting into.

Here is what it is:

An incredible story of a man and a woman who meet and fall in love and then lose each other through their own inabilities to change and therefore alter their fate. Afterward, they spend half a millennia trying to find each other again and in the process strive to become the kind of people who might find a way change and alter their fate.

It is an adventure story filled with humor and heartbreak. It is a story of abiding and lifelong friendship. It is a story of how to cope with crushing grief. It is the story of courage and second chances, of trying again and again even when you don’t know the path to success. It is a story of faith.

Primarily it is a story of what it means, what it really means, to love another human being.

Though it is Julian and Josephine’s love story, it is not a traditional romance, though it has many haunting and romantic elements to it. It is their joint adventure, and Josephine is a female protagonist, but it is Julian’s quest—the quest of an ordinary man thrust into extraordinary circumstances—and because of that, the entire saga is told from his perspective, not hers. Initially I began to write the story in the first person, from Julian’s point of view, but switched to the third person to give myself more flexibility. We know everything that’s inside Julian, but we know Josephine only from her actions and her words, the way all of us know everyone else except ourselves. We see only Julian’s soul clearly, and we depend on him to let us inside Josephine’s soul.

The heroine is rendered from the hero’s point of view so that throughout the story she remains a mystery to be solved, a mystery to the hero, to the reader, and even to herself.

That is The Tiger Catcher.


Julian’s Day for Night

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