Hi Everyone,

This is my international debut blog post 🙂 I have my fingers crossed it works! I have my first stand alone publication coming in November with Momentum, A Real Online Fantasy: Hot Down Under. I'm excited and overwhelmed. It's been a while in the making… and am I ever glad to have a bunch of people with me holding my hand! Thanks Hot Down Under girls.

My story is about online meeting and how it translates to face-to-face meeting. Of course, in my world, it translates very very well! But in reality meeting face-to-face could be a disaster.

In my mis-spent youth I was an online junkie, addicted to talkers (my youth was so far back only geeks and nerds ever found talkers!). I talked to lots of people and met a few in real life (irl). I was rather choosy about those I met and they had to pass the "friends test" – where the guys I shared an office (and a habit) with, had to give them approval. Stupid, really, looking back but at the time it was heaps of fun.

I met a girl who moved to Australia to marry her internet love. I met a couple of guys who were so different irl to online (they were much quieter irl) and guys who were the same online and irl. I spent 2 weeks in Jamaica with online friends I went to meet. And I met a guy who encouraged my writing, my study, my work and who is still my best mate. I was incredibly lucky.

Today, with the online world being so readily available to everyone, I’m not sure I’d be as wild as I was. I’m glad I was there with the geeks and nerds, when it was safe.

How about you – have you ever had an online addiction? Have you ever taken online friendships into real life? I’d love to know I’m not alone.

If you'd like to find out more about me, I have a blog that will one day be a webpage too: www.cateellink.com

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