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Coffee Time Reviewer's Recommend Award

This award, selected by our reviewers, recognizes outstanding writing styles in all book types and genres. The receiving author will be an honored guest on Coffee Time Romance and More.

This Award is recommended by a member of our Coffee Crew who has read the book and has decided it is above and beyond a 5 Cup Rating.


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These are posted on or around the 15th of each month and all of our Coffee Crew is eager to bringing you the news.

June 2008

Cindi Myers & A Soldier Comes Home

The Coffee Crew has spoken! This sweet author will bring you tears, cheers, and a deep heartfelt sigh...and then you will want to read A Soldier Comes Home again.

Cindi Myers worked as a newspaper reporter, travel agent and medical clinic manager before turning to writing full time. She's written both historical and contemporary romance, as well as dozens of short stories and nonfiction articles. Cindi thinks writers have the best job in the world.

Ms. Myers has captured the feelings of pain, loss, and worry that any loved one feels when they send a soldier to war. This story is an outstanding tribute to the men and women who serve our country and their families. I smiled and I cried while reading this story. The emotions are strong and her characters have many conflicts to overcome in order to find happiness again. This book quickly stole my heart and captured my attention. I will be reading this book again and again. Liadan, Reviewer of A Soldier Comes Home

Cindi's Web Site

April 2008

Linnea Sinclair & Shades of Dark

We at Coffee Time Romance & More tip our hats in thanks and gratitude for your dedication to readers. Among the billions of stars in the sky, the sun is the one that outshines all others. Linnea Sinclair brings warmth to each of us with her radiant books.

She is a former news reporter and retired private detective who yearn for more adventure than 'Hold the presses!' and stacks of case files can provide. The role of starship captain was her dream long before James T ever uttered, "Beam me up!" Writing stories her way of living that dream.

Shades of Dark is one of those rare entities; a sequel that is as good, if not better, than the original. It is a sequel to Gabriel’s Ghost and it picks up the story a few months later. Not much has changed in that times, including the strong characters for which I am very grateful. The author has the ability to write very real characters with unique strengths and weakness. Thanks to his telepathy, Sully and Chaz are connected at an incredibly deep level. Despite this the insecurities and miscommunications that occur in all relationships still exist, helping to define and give life to the characters. The supporting characters are also well written, including the alien Taka’s and Stolorth’s. The story is more complex this time around, as the insane logic behind the Jukor breeding program is fleshed out. The author allows the characters (and the reader) to gradually uncover the various pieces of the puzzle, resulting in an intriguing storyline that draws the reader in. The climax of the novel is unexpected and avoids the trap of trying to tie up to many loose ends. Indeed, there could possibly be another sequel tucked away somewhere in the author’s mind; a prospect that both intrigues and excites me. This story is a compelling page-turner and a novel that firmly places Linnea Sinclair in my select group of must have authors.  Alex, Reviewer of Shades of Dark

Linnea's Web Site

February 2008

Cathy Maxwell & In the Highlander's Bed

Coffee Time Romance would like to extend a deeply felt appreciation to All the writers for their painstaking hours of work and ideas, along with The commitments to compile their ideas and contributing to the readers, a wonderful place of information, contests, and fun!  This month the staff at Coffee Time Romance has chosen Cathy Maxwell of In The Highlanders Bed.    

She was raised in Olathe, KS. She is a Kansan by nature--stubborn, loyal, independent.  She now consider Virginia her home.  She has always wanted to write a book. She spent six years in the Navy and worked in the Pentagon and did a tour with Naval Intelligence. She also managed a watch factory, been a news broadcaster, and done costumes for local theater.

In The Highlander’s Bed is a class act read. It grips from the first page. Gordon and Constance are powerful characters. I loved the way they match wits and their antagonism when they are at odds. This story practically sent chills all through my body, it is that good. Cathy Maxwell skillfully pens an extraordinary tale that took this reader to paradise and back. The banter is expertly created between Constance and Gordon as well as their sensual scenes as it captivates the reader. The secondary characters, especially Gordon’s men, really add great elements to the storyline. With intrigue, excitement, sensual passion and non-stop action, if you read any book this year, I highly recommend In The Highlander’s Bed. I loved this book!. Cherokee's Review

Cathy's Web Site
December 2007

Angela Steed & 1080 Kiss

We would like to recognize the extraordinary achievements of Authors. We applaud and commend all authors for their delightful stories and for their commitment and dedication, to readers. This month the staff at Coffee Time Romance has chosen Angela Steed and her book 1080 Kiss as the recipient of the CTRR Award for December 2007.

Born in Seattle, Washington, Steed found her inspiration to write when she moved to a small town located just off the coast of Oregon. She now resides in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains with her husband and two daughters. She continues to write, not only to entertain her readers, but to find a sense of success within herself.

1080 Kiss is anything but chilly. Morgan and Vince are very realistic characters, with problems and pain in their pasts. The story is smooth and refreshing with dialogue that is smart and snappy. The emotions throughout the story are raw and vivid bringing the reader closer to the characters. Ms. Steed’s first novel is very well done. This contemporary romance is great fun and I look forward to reading more of her work. Bonnie-Lass' Review


Angela's Web Site

September 2007

Judi Lynne & Aidan's Chance

Coffee Time Romance always likes to take time to appreciate the dedication and devotion of our authors. This month the staff at Coffee Time Romance has choosen Judi Lynne and her book Aidan's Chance as the recipient of the CTRR Award for September 2007.

Judi has always been a writer. She began writing at the age of twelve.  She still possesses her first children’s book that she wrote in hope that she can get it published. She continued writing through high school and college, but it was not until she was a secondary honors English teacher when a class challenged her to write a novel did she begin thinking of writing as a career. 

Aidan’s Chance is a grand historical love story! I loved Kaitlin’s spunk and sass as it made the story so much fun to read. Aidan as the thick-headed male had me roaring with laughter in places as he tried to get Kaitlin to do as he wished. Instead she mostly did exactly as she pleased. Kylee, Aidan’s daughter, is precious, and Kaitlin’s loving care of her makes for great reading. The author does an excellent job of drawing the suspense out. I found I could not stop reading until I had reached the final page. The lovemaking is beautifully intense and very natural, adding to the emotional value of this story. I eagerly await another book from this author, and highly recommend her! Regina, Review of Aidan's Chance

Judi Lynne's Web Site

June 2007

Jane Toombs & Ladies Of The Lakes

Coffee Time Romance recognize excellence within the Authors of the Romance industry. Whose writing stands out with dedication and persistence.   We like to present the CTTR Award for June 2007 to JANE TOOMBS  for her excellence talent!

Jane Toombs accomplishments in the writing field stand out with seventy published books, both in paper and electronic. Her stories are a eye-opener for readers. The characters come alive on each page. The plot lines will have you  right at the start to very end. Ms Toombs I was thoroughly impressed by the devotion of your books!

I was not sure what to expect when I opened this book but it was not this stirring and very emotional, and well represented tale of strong women and even stronger men. To say love at first sight is one thing but knowing you are only for one person at first kiss is the other. That is part of the theme of this book, each woman falls in love almost with the first real man they meet and kiss. As in real life there is new life and death in this story. Tragedy begets history and legends, especially since these are women who grew up around the lakes and in times of Indians and other perils. The Indian heritage I believe is honored here also, that is another resounding feature, helping or being helped by Indians in most of these generations. Strong women who believe in themselves is a fine trait to hand down to any daughter and this is wonderfully done and written. I would suggest anyone wanting to know about the Great Lakes and the history of them and the women who lived around them will love this special tale.   Lainey, Review of Ladies of the Lakes

Jane Toombs' Web Site


March 2007


Author Jackie Kessler & Helle's Belles

We at Coffee Time Romance & More are honoring those whose contributions in the writing field  have impacted our world.  We like to present CTTR Award for April 2007 to Jackie Kessler for  her outstanding talent!

Jackie Kessler's book is complete with scattered humor and fascinating characters. Readers will be drawn emotionally into a sensuous world and will not want to leave.  While reading her story, you will feel like a spell has come over you and will be entranced to the end. Jackie thank you for sharing a wonderful story with us.

Ms. Kessler took Hell and turned it into big business with all the pitfalls—pun very much intended — entailed. Perhaps hostile takeovers, management changes, and job switches are the greater evil, after all. I loved this take on one of the oldest stories in the world. And in the midst of it all was a surprisingly sweet but very steamy romance between the two main characters. This hilarious send up of all things below made me laugh out loud, especially Jesse’s thoughts on some of humanity’s more indelicate bodily functions. Additionally, the author has built a whole new world filled with furies, incubi, succubi, assorted demons and, last but certainly not least, the King of Hell. Queen Lillith was written with such wickedness that I was secretly rooting for her despite myself. Maybe the devil made me do it. Give in to the sin of temptation and pick up Hell’s Belles; you will be so glad you did!  Jenn, Review of Hell's Helles

Jackie Kessler's Web Site


February 2007


Author Lise Fuller & Intimate Deceptions

We at Coffee Time Romance & More are dancing in our seats to present our First Reviewer's Awards to Lise Fuller! Congratulations!!! Job Well Done!

Lise Fuller's work has the unique style that grabs and holds the reader's very own realm. Transforming their world into one that the next line could make them slip into the characters life.. Myself while reading her stories found it impossible to put the books down until the last page. Thank you Lise for the magic you have brought to us.

Ms. Fuller has proven that she can write suspense and keep a reader interested. The story is riveting to say the least, and you feel for Brodie and Elena. This book will keep you guessing the entire time, never knowing what lay in store for Brodie and Elena. Ms. Fuller has done her research well and the story flows with a smoothness that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I loved the book for the flow of the story and the characters discovering what they thought was lost. The emotions are real and the scenarios are very convincing. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a well written suspense mixed with passion. Liadan, Review of Intimate Deceptions

Lise Fuller's Web Site







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