Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781908086983
April 2011
Xcite Books
68 Pages
BDSM Erotica
Rating: 3 Cups

Lying in Wait

He has one last chance to make it, but Cadet Luke Porter has no idea how long two minutes is about to last.

The game is set, and the players are in position, now all Corporal Phelps, Cadets Richard and Carter have to do is keep their prey guessing.

The exercise has commenced, but Luke feels like he is no closer to completion than when he started. The woman have Luke right where they want him, but is he man enough to take the challenge? Luke cannot decide if he is in heaven or hell. He only knows that if they drag this on any longer, he will never live the humiliation down.

Teasing, taunting, and tormenting are what these ladies do best, and it is wickedly sexy to see poor Luke suffer at their skilful seduction.


He has never met a woman like her, and is certain he never will again.

The woman in black is in total command, and for every moment of silence the anticipation builds dramatically.

She has become an addiction, and one he has no desire to overcome. She needs no words to make her intentions clear, and with a look she has him teetering on the edge. Why does he need this, and what made her choose him?

The quiet strength of the woman and the total acceptance of the man make this story powerful and stimulating. I would love to read more of their time together.

“Don’t you, Emma?”

Lee has never been shy about sharing his fantasies with his lover. He just never expected her to fulfill them.

The girl is perfect for the role Daisy needs her to play. She just hopes Lee can follow orders.

The spanking and games that Lee and Daisy play have always been fun, but Lee can feel a difference this time. The girl on girl fantasy that many men share, Lee is about to experience, but the rules Daisy has set in place are making him see her in a whole new light.

Daisy and Lee make a fantastic couple, and the way she has him squirming is the highlight of this story. She is about to take their relationship to a whole new level, and it is fun to see him try to keep up.

Dear Claire

It makes life hard when you have a thing for your best friend’s boyfriend, but until now Ali thought she had kept her feelings from showing.

There is a nice little surprise in store for Ali, and Claire has made sure she will enjoy every minute of it.

Annoyed at having to serve coffee to Rick, Ali almost ignores Claire’s request, but it is a good thing she does not. Rick has been put on display in all of his glory, and Ali will definitely thank Claire later for this opportunity, much later.

Anonymous can be so much fun, and Ali plays it as far as she can. Her inner bad girl is jumping for joy, and seeing her let out makes this story a sexy little sizzler.

Not Taking the Tube

Of all days for the tube to break down it could not have come at a worse time for this commuter.

She has had enough of people’s bickering and complaining, so the security guard decides to take matters into her own hands.

He just went off on her like she was responsible or could do anything about the breakdown, but at the moment he is too furious to even realize what he is doing. Pushing him into a corner the security guard shuts the man up, and in return they both get to let off a little steam.

If you have ever had angry sex you know just how hot this story is about to get. They take the edge off with minimal contact, but lots of heat.

Rachel’s Twisted Tale

Many times he has asked her to run away with him, but Rachel has her reasons for staying.

The risk of getting caught is not enough of a deterrent for Tom, and he will continue to come as long as she wants him.

Tom is back, and Rachel runs to the window to let him in, even knowing that at any moment the Madam could catch them. She wants him too much to deny herself, but she made a promise to Madam that she will not break. The inevitability finally comes, but what it means for these young lovers is yet to be seen.

If all fairy tales were this sexy we would never stop reading them. This little Rapunzel-esque inspired story is sordid and steamy to the very end.

Take a walk on the wicked side with this collection of light BDSM stories. The characters are interesting and they keep their play fairly tame for the most part. With the ladies in charge, you get a little different take on the whole power play, and how much fun it is to spice things up. These stories are like little bursts of heat, instead of an all-consuming flame.

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