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Borne Vampires

Book 1: Whisper to Me
Book 2: Damned by Sin
Book 3: Wulf's Redemption

Borne Vampires, Book 3
ISBN#: Unavailable
September 2011
New Concept Publishing
Paranormal, Vampire, Dark Fantasy Romance, Erotic, Spicy
Rating: 5 Cups

Kai is a slayer of the damned and a vampire in love. The man she loves is by her side with her. Now his past is coming back to ruin his future and it may mean the death of her love.

Alex was once a member of the Wulf family, but he changed his name the night death brought his world crashing down and ignited years of survivor guilt. He is quickly discovering he needs to acknowledge Kai as his before he can ever hope to receive redemption.

There is a demon on the prowl one who has no compunction about killing or turning anyone she chooses, even the children. The borne, damned, wolfen and humans will need to come together to vanquish an enemy to them all. Little do they know there are plans behind the scenes which could cause an imbalance in the world and leave the damned with an advantage.

I absolutely suggest all readers get online or get a print copy of the Borne Vampire series and Wulf’s Redemption and read it immediately. Ms. Petzler writes a compelling story which drags the reader into an alternate reality and offers them the opportunity to meet heroic characters willing to sacrifice it all for the good of the many. I was especially enchanted with the fact the series can be read as stand-alone as the situation is made clear from the very beginning. I must warn readers that if they read one they will want to read them all.

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