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ISBN#: AI00000000001
September 2010
AI Press
20 Pages
Contemporary, Multi-Cultural, Short Story
Rating: 5 Cups

A faceless and nameless woman is dealing with a life altering event and is losing the battle. On the road to misery and divorce, she is looking for someone to make it all better.

Kit, a.k.a “Sky” has a role to play, and he cynically plays it very well. This woman, who is one of many, touches a part of him he thought lost, and he is compelled to make a difference.

Kit and his companion have both been kicked around by life and given up as a result. In each other they just may have found the answer to change both their lives.

Madelynne Ellis used an amazing strategy when writing Woe in Kabukicko; one that was left unrevealed until the end. I only figured it out after much thought, which I think was the point of using this strategy. The main character is left nameless to enable a reader to read the story as if it were their own diary. The issue of infertility and the reverberation of its impact on a marriage are addressed poignantly and with great care. I recommend every woman and man pick up Woe In Kabukicko and walk for a moment in another person’s shoes; a journey no one should miss.

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