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ISBN # 978-1-59705-907-7
September 2009
Wings Epress
E-book/Trade paperback
270 Pages
Time-Travel Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Madeline, a widow from Australia, has come to England to see her friend who is like a sister. They both share an interest in the Viking period; Madeline even has dreams of a handsome Viking man. Only when they touch matching necklaces, something strange happens to them that they never imagined could be.

Erik is a Norse trader in the year 879AD. When he finds Madeline and Amber at a friend’s house, he is very wary of the newcomers. Amber is kidnapped, and Eric begins to change his mind only when Madeline begs him to help find Amber.

Not being able refuse her, they set on a journey to find Amber. Yet, instead of finding the woman, they find misfortune and moments of joy in their perilous journey. The question that looms in the back of Madeline’s mind is, how long will she have with her Viking love before she needs to go back to her own time?

I thought this was a good book to read. I enjoyed the characters and the picture they paint of times past. Yet, I was very disappointed that the beginning of each chapter began the same way, resulting in too much repetition for me. But getting past that little quirk Who Needs Tomorrow is an enjoyable read.

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