Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-1-926930-38-1
April 2011
Breathless Press
22 Pages
Erotic / Science Fiction / Futuristic / Romance / M/M
Rating: 3 Cups

Everything is set and if Keenan were any more excited he would burst. Tonight is the night!

He has agonized over this long enough, and tonight Naro will finally tell Keenan the truth.

It does not take long for Keenan and Naro to reach the boiling point and then Naro calls it to a halt. He has to tell Keenan, even if it means the love of his life will leave him. Keenan is a little stunned by Naro’s revelation, and yet it does not change the way he feels. He will do anything to make his partner happy, and he has no problem pulling out all the stops.

Acceptance and understanding means everything for these two men, and it is amazing to see how it changes the whole dynamic of their relationship. You do not see this type of story every day, and I am pleased to see it so well written. I wish there could have been more of a history for the characters to build from, and would be very excited to read more. Enticingly sweet and heartfelt, Keenan and Naro’s characters are easy to like, and their story is a joy to read.

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