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ISBN: 9781250078988
July 2015
St. Martin’s Griffin
326 Pages
Women’s Fiction, Coming of Age, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Coming of age in America is harsh and often tests a teenager’s emotional strength. Adams High is a typical small town high school with cliques and mean girls, but soon things will change.

Carolyn Lessing is a pretty girl and an outsider. She initially fit in, but things went hopelessly wrong in the end. The victim of a school and a society where if someone does not like someone else it is acceptable to become a bully.

One is dead and many are left wondering what happened. The students at Adams High, and specifically the ones who bullied another, will soon learn there are more important things in life than the new girl who is beautiful and attracts the attention of the local boys.

Weightless is a heart wrenching story, but really of no surprise to a society who has seen bullying gone too far. The writing of Ms. Bannan conveyed the story in a manner where the reader is an observer. The subject is difficult to handle, but Ms. Bannan did it with respect. I enjoyed the part where Ms. Bannan tried to make the reader see everything one reads or hears in the media is true and maybe someone should look deeper before passing judgment. It is easy to write of bullying and the victims as weak, but Weightless opens the reader’s eye to the fact it would be difficult for anyone to live under the pressure of mean girls and fellow students.

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