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ISBN#: 9780982679500
March 2010
Night to Dawn
Trade Paperback
202 Pages
Supernatural Thriller, Dark Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Frank Thornton walked into a rumored vampire bar and left with his destiny. How can he resist the woman of his dreams, or better yet, can he survive the revenge of another, alive or dead?

Nessa Harcanu had lost interest in men and their demanding ways. Frank, on the other hand, was a unique man who felt no need to push himself at a woman. After a night of passion in his bed, she found herself more satisfied than any other time in memory.

Can two people from two different worlds find some place to meet in the middle? Being separated by night and day may be the least of their problems when evil comes to call.

It is refreshing to read a story written from both perspectives. Neil Benson spins a tale that invokes the reader to see the point of each main character and to understand how each individual feels; this unique feature makes Unholy Embrace an interesting and beautiful read. The chapters dealing with Nessa's life and her passage through the decades is amazing. I absolutely love her introductions to Picasso, Monet and many other famous artists. There is a little something for everyone within the pages of Unholy Embrace to idly pass the day.

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