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ISBN# 9781771305938
October 2013
Evernight Publishing
68 Pages
Erotic Paranormal BDSM Shifter Vampires
Rating: 4 Cups

After being attacked, Nikita can only run to the same man who has been there for her since being a freshman in college. When she falls into his arms, injured and terrified, she knows there is no other place she wishes to be.

Raoul is the Alpha. Nikita has been attacked on his territory. There will be hell to pay, when the Alpha's mate is attacked. Even if said mate has no idea who he truly is.

Raoul's family history is back to seek revenge. Nikita has become his tool of choice. Nikita is thrust into a world she has never known existed. Now it is time for her to sink or swim.

Under the Alpha's Protection is a wonderful romantic story of true love, risking it all for the one you love. Raoul is a fantastic character, but Nikita proves she is more than worthy to take her place beside the Alpha if she wants it. The story unfolds on a tide of action, lust and love, which gives the reader a perfect picture of life Under the Alpha's Protection. This is a wonderful introduction to the writing of Ms. O'Connor.

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