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Their Own Skins, Book 3
ISBN#: 9781610401296
December 2010
Torquere Press
E Book
256 Pages
Gay Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups


Derek is tired of being a junior reporter and thinks a story about shifters will boost his credibility. Unfortunately his trip to discovery is fraught with pot holes and huge men named Kong.

Kong has been abused by those he should trust most and left the sanctuary of Shifting Sand Ranch out of fear. He is tired of running and just wants to be left alone or so he thinks.

Derek has brought more than himself to Shifting Sand Ranch and their ultimate exposure may rest on his shoulder. If the world should discover shifters, will they accept or destroy and with destruction Derek will lose Kong forever.

Kong is such a special character. A lifetime of abuse forced him to choose a world where he was left alone. I was excited by Uncaged because Kong is a little more in tune with his animal side which makes his needs basic. Kiernan Kelly provides a shifter story like no other.

Glitter Palms

Gray is the manager of his pack's casino, Glitter Palms. He has a raging headache from all the noise and now he has some schmuck in his casino trying to fleece them dry.

Walker has a talent, which has led to nothing but misery and now just may get him killed. Out of options he confesses all to the wolf shifter Gray in the hopes at the very least it will save the innocent.

Gray is at first dismayed and then amazed by everything Walker is telling him. His pack is in danger by other shifters he never knew existed but Walker is more to him than he could ever dream.

Glitter Palms is a thrilling shifter story. There are shifter battles and shifter love to thrill the reader. Kiernan Kelly has written an exciting action packed story that moves along smoothly and carries the reader on a tide of excitement. This is a shifter story well worth the read and a place of honor on any TBR shelf.

Divinity Park

Alan is on the road leaving a life with a lover who is at the very least verbally abusive. His truck begins having issues when he sees a sign for a place called Divinity Park that has long and short-term rentals.

Jet has been a resident of Divinity Park his entire life. Destined to spend his life alone, he is amazed when the perfect man for him is looking for a temporary place to stay. Now if he could just convince him of forever.

Alan and Jet find themselves drawn to each other unable to deny the magnetic pull. A piece of Alan’s past is going to turn their world upside down and reveal secrets best whispered in the dark.

Divinity Park is another wonderful story, which shows the full spectrum of Kiernan Kelly’s talent. I absolutely love the fact the story is tied back to Shifting Sands and allows for a broader storyline with older shifters who greatly resemble older humans. Divinity Park is an outstanding extension to the Shifting Sands story.

Killer Love

Jeremy is breaking the law in the name of love. His lover is having one heck of a temper tantrum and is now the growing attraction at a water park.

Killian reacted rashly to the idea of Jeremy with another. Now he is sulking at a marine park but missing his man.

Jeremy has come for his man and he is not leaving without him even if he has to drag him by his dorsal fin. He will show the killer whale what it truly means to be wanted.

Killer Love is a sweet story, which is funny for the idea of a squirrel and a killer whale together. I found the story a riot to read and cute for these two shifters who give into a human emotion such as throwing a tantrum.

Uncaged, Their Own Skins 3 is an absolute dream for shifter fans. Each story showed a different emotion and side to being a shifter. The characters had great depth of character and allowed the reader to get to know them on a personal level. Kiernan Kelly leaves no doubt of her incredible talent and amazing abilities to draw a reader in and compel them to stay. I highly recommend Uncaged by Kiernan Kelly as it will be on my shelf for years to come.

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