Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 978-1-60272-677-2/978-1-60272-793-9
April 25, 2010
Amber Quill Press
293 Pages
Contemporary Romance/Mild Erotica/Heat Level 2
Rating: 3 Cups

A person can get beat down only so many times before they snap, and Sherrie Parker finally has had her fill. Leaving Rick is the smartest move she has ever made, but finding herself in the aftermath is proving to be a much harder journey.

Nobody wants to know the man behind the image, and Curtis Taylor is content to keep his secrets. CJ Tyler is the star, but Curtis is just a down home country boy who spends more time tasting his boots than wearing them.

Moving in with her cousin Dave is allowing Sherrie the time to recoup after her hideous breakup with Rick, and the last thing she needs is some stupid cowboy crooning country songs all night long. Curtis may have the most beautiful baby blues Sherrie ever laid eyes on, but his personality could really use a makeover. Curtis never met a more enticing and exasperating woman than Sherrie, but for all of their acerbic conversations he cannot help but feel a driving attraction between them. Sherrie knows nothing about who and what he is, and why he keeps running off for days at a time, but if things keep progressing he is going to have to lay it all on the line, and hope like crazy she can forgive him.

It is hard to imagine what being in the spotlight 24/7 must be like, and it makes sense that Curtis would want to keep his anonymity in a time of sorrow and pain. His actions however belie the fact that he really cares about Sherrie, and it makes it hard to believe that they can overcome their differences. Sherrie’s character is also full of angst and the hurt makes it difficult for her to act rationally in many situations. They are both burdened by their pasts, and it is that bond that draws the reader into their lives and their love story.

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