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Storm Front Series
  Book 1 - Blown Away
  Book 2 - Torn Apart
  book 3- Swept Aside

ISBN: 10-0-7783-2792-2/ 13:978-0-7783-2782-9
July 2010
MIRA Books
$7.99, $7.20
400 Pages
Rating 5 cups

Katie Earle loves her husband and son dearly. Since her parents were found floating dead in their New Orleans attic after Hurricane Katrina, they are all she has in the world. So when her husband asks to move to the town that killed her parents, how can she bring her son to such an unsafe place?

J.R. Earle has worked on oil rigs to support his family, but the job takes him away from them for huge chunks of the year. When Macklan Brothers offers him a land-based job in New Orleans, all he can see is the time he will have at home with his family - time that he has missed out on. When Katie balks due to her parents’ tragedy, J.R. and she split, torn apart by their mutual stubbornness.

But there is something darker than Katie’s old fears lurking in the town of Borderlaise. A monster waits, hunting their son. When a tornado rips through the town, tearing the lives of its inhabitants to pieces, the monster uses the chaos to take his prey. Now Katie and J.R. must unite to find a seven-year-old lost in a storm, taken by a kidnapper amidst a town destroyed.

With a family so torn by tragedy and a grief that it leaves their faith in God and each other tested to its limits, with a villain so vile that the reader will shudder in terror for little Bobby, this story sucks you in with all the gale force of a tornado’s wrath. This couple has so much to overcome and their little boy is in such grave danger that you are left really rooting for little Bobby Lee to get back home where he belongs.

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