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Book 1: To Love & Submit
Book 2: To Love & Trust
Book 3: To Love & Obey

Boundaries, Book 1
ISBN# 9781781848784
November 2013
Totally Bound
136 Pages
Bondage, BDSM
Rating: 3 Cups

Rachel is having erotic dreams of a sexy Dom tying her down and having his wicked way with her. The dreams have become so intense, she has decided it is time for her to figure out if she is truly interested in being submissive.

Adam is intrigued by his temporary PA and when he discovers a heart stopping secret about her, it changes his world. He finagles his way into her life outside the office and begins to wonder if he is ready to head down a road from his past, and how far Rachel is willing to go.

Rachel is happy with her playtime with Adam, but she is unsure about trusting someone to care for her. Adam has a past, that once fully revealed, leaves Rachel thinking there is no way she can take the game that far and fears he will stop playing with her if she does not. Will Rachel’s fears overwhelm her, or will her trust in Adam give her the strength to move forward?

To Love & Submit is a sweet introduction into the BDSM world which is light on the pain and more about the bondage. I found the storyline intriguing, but the relationship developed so quickly I felt left in the dust. I found it difficult to keep up with the emotions and the ending left me slightly unsatisfied. The serial must be read in order to receive the full story as Ms. Swann used To Love & Submit as the opening and in no way provides closure for the reader.

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