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ISBN#: Unavailable
May 2009
67 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

The Marines have made Sergeant Imani Johnson the woman she is today, and she takes great pride in her achievements. The next phase of her life is about to begin, and she would love to have someone to share it with, but unfortunately there has yet to be a man who can really rock her world.

Just once, Captain Scott Henry would like to be the hunter instead of the hunted, but as soon as women get wind of his rank and status, they practically mow him down with offers. He wants a woman strong and confident enough to let him take the reigns.

Being a civilian again is a daunting prospect, but Imani has all the tools she needs to succeed in business. Now if she could just find someone to love, she would be all set. Well, take that back, she found the someone, but being an officer, he is off limits and it does not seem like she would be his type anyway. Scott bides his time until Imani is done in the service, but when he cannot hold out any longer, his hasty actions blow up in his face. He wants this woman more than he wants his next breath, but proving this to her may be the biggest test of endurance he will ever face.

I understand that the rules of conduct are completely different in the military world, and it makes the perfect stumbling blocks for Scott and Imani’s romance. However, I am hard pressed to believe a man of Scott’s intelligence and rank would be so animalistic in his approach to Imani. This woman is fierce and sharp, she does not exude the persona of someone who is in need of an overbearing he-man. That said, this is a wonderful start to a very promising writing career for Ms. Malori, and I look forward to many more great reads!

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